Water Therapy to lose weight & Tips to drink water - 2020

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Water Therapy to lose weight & Tips to drink water - 2020

A ton of tests are done, and various theories are proposed to establish that drinking water helpslose weight. This article will explain how water therapy helps in weight loss and tips to drink water; researchers testify most of them. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Experts Say:” Drinking 750 ml to 900 ml purified water half an hour before each meal helps reduce more than 4 kg over a month.” 

Four Reasons How drinking water can help in losing weight:-

Feel Full - 

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal results in better digestion and helps us feel full to avoid overeating. Eating less means fewer calories and more significant weight loss as water fills the stomach and helps us feel satisfied more quickly.

“Drinking water after an hour of the meal allows the body to absorb the nutrients better.”

Increased metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which the body converts food into energy. Metabolism can be increased by 30% if you stay hydrated. Lack of enough water slows down the metabolism around 4 - 5%. This means that even if you are doing hard work to lose weight, it would be 4 - 5% less effective. 

“Maximize your workout benefit by drinking half a liter of water before hitting to the gym.”

When we ask personal trainers about maximizing the workout time, they have also recommended the same.

Fight Fatigue - 

Lack of enough water can cause tiredness and fatigue despite getting enough sleep at night. Therefore by boosting the intake of water, you can fight fatigue and exhaustion. 

Lack of water is often mistaken as a lack of adequate nourishment, and as a result of that, we fill our body with unnecessary extra calories that lead to weight gain. To avoid this and fight fatigue to feel fresh and active, a simple solution is to drink enough water.

  1. Control Hunger- 

In the afternoon, the dehydration signal is often mistaken for hunger, but it is not hunger at all. Drinking enough amount of water will keep mistaken hunger away and helps in weight loss. As a result of that, we would be avoiding unhealthy snacks and extra calories.

Tips to Drink water:

Tips 1: 

Drink 600 ml of water in the morning, don’t eat or drink anything for 45 minutes after drinking the 600 ml water.

Tip 2: 

Eat or Drink after 45 minutes, and drink every 45 minutes before meals.

Tip 3: 

Before meals, drink another 300 ml of water. “Note: Do not eat or drink anything after breakfast, lunch, or dinner for 2 and ½ hours.” After that, you can drink and follow tip 2.

Taking this water therapy will not only lose fat, but also you will feel more energized and fresh; your nails, skin, and hair will be healthy and look stunning. 

If you are working out and focusing on your diet, it would be a great choice, but this process isn’t fast enough without water therapy. So we recommend you to take water therapy along with your exercises.

“Note: The WHO has defied the news that hot water and warm fluids would help in preventing COVID - 19 infection, and also it has debunked the fear that consuming cold or Ice based foods may cause or spread COVID - 19 Infection.”

Final Words:

Whatever the method you choose to reduce fat, drinking an extra amount of water cannot harm your. Although the tips described above is not very easy to follow, they guarantee the results. There are no side effects of drinking extra glasses of water every day, and also for the best results, follow the above tips, you are no more away from reducing fat and trying water therapy from today.

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