Ways in which SEO helps in renovating a brand!

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Ways in which SEO helps in renovating a brand!

Image result for seo brandThere comes a time in every business when the brand needs to re-armor and push new horizons for better success. With eyes on the prospects that aren’t working to setting new hindsight on what works for you – change is necessary. And when we talk about the digital business, even the slightest of change can bring about a big difference in the traffic of the website.

As nerve-wracking the renovation of a brand may sound like, we want to keep is less-risky and more empowered. SEO too changes dramatically for a brand as the vision, logo, content or strategy of the business changes. But it can be of big help to drive the business to better renovating standards. Here are some ways in which SEO helps in renovating a brand.

Begin much before the change begins!

The SEO strategy for a brand begins right from the time that one thinks of launching products. It isn't about how you are moderating or creating your customer base but a base ingredient to build your traffic on! And so having a ready SEO strategy to meet your traffic needs in due time is essential. When you are planning for a rebranding or renovation of the brand, take the chance to start digging on the keywords, marketing strategies, and the SEO changes you shall bring.

When the SEO changes happen over an extended time, it helps keep up with the immediate traffic and builds responsive traffic for the future too. P.S. This saves you from losing traffic at any stage of rebranding.

Focus on user experiences

Google identifies micro-moments and key user experiences to optimize the brands on the search engine. These are divided into parameters of information, experience, travel, buying, etc. There are moments when the user wants to figure out the solution to go, buy, know or do things in time.

Optimizing the brand image to the user experiences as per their needs helps in being a preferred choice of the search engines and fit into inbound methodologies. Through content marketing, video content, blogging, community building, press relations, viral marketing, etc the users can be informed about your renewed brand image and products to meet their needs.

Run an SEO audit

SEO audit is an action which educates you on what aspects of SEO are working towards the best of traffic gathering for the business. Here the need is to understand that renovating can lead to loss of traffic big time.

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But when you know the keywords, ALT tags, h1, and h2 tags, call to action, other SEO tools and tricks that are capturing a large segment of your traffic, you can strategize well to not touch these key aspects when renovating. Any change in SEO aspects can be done freely on the other aspects to keep up with existing traffic.

Increase remodeling leads by working on online reviews

A lot of customers rely on customer reviews to understand about the company than to read what the company has to say about itself. It works as a key factor to become a trusted name even when you are changing your business idea or renovating it.

Work on creating better reviews online so that when you launch into new segments or cater to new markets, the customers can get trusted reviews for your products and business. Positive reviews with schema markup, URL details, contact information, etc helps build upon sound traffic.

The good old email marketing

About 66 percent of the traffic on email gets converted into leads. And no matter how old fashioned it may sound; it is one of the high performing ways to renovate a brand. Through email marketing, you can penetrate new market segments and also stay connected with the existing traffic to keep them coming back.

Draft your email marketing ideas carefully to blend the renewed idea of business and soundly communicate to the audience. It perhaps works in a sound way to draw the customers in for purchase on the website.

Work on social media platforms

Social media platforms are the biggest traffic generators for brands. So be it just starting with a new brand or renovating, connecting to people through social media platforms helps in increasing website traffic.

By sharing the brand story, its beliefs, the change or even working on social media hashtags and other optimization techniques, the brand can reach out to a wider set of audience and work the best to generate good leads. With regular activities on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Twitter, Etc the brand can establish an image that helps it grow across continents.

Weave your content around traffic

Google Analytics is a sound base to understand where your brand is performing well and where not. Go through the past page analytics and check through the content around it to find out what posts have performed well through the time.

Focus on creating content around the popular posts and incorporating the new keywords, tags, and titles in the new post to make it cater to the right audience. Incorporate the changes in the well-performing areas but with a distinction to not lose on the existing traffic and build new ones in due time.

Optimized landing pages

To capture new users, having an SEO optimized landing page is as much essential as an optimized home page. While the home page meets the informational needs of the traffic to its best, it is the landing page that generates revenue. And so it is but essential to drive as much traffic to the landing pages as to the home page.

Optimize the landing pages with relevant SEO tricks to gather good traffic and response making the website URL popular throughout.

SEO techniques have to be applied with a keen twist to seep in the changes you may bring to the brand while renovating it. Optimized content, call to action, logo design, etc have to build around the existing image to cater to the needs of the emerging audience and traffic!