Wedding Furniture Rentals: 5 Types Of Wedding Chairs

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Wedding Furniture Rentals: 5 Types Of Wedding Chairs

You may wonder – who cares where they sit at a wedding? Or more precisely, what they sit on at your wedding? It's a question that most couples don't even think about. Planning a wedding is tough, it's tiring and immensely demanding. Thinking about Wedding Furniture for Hire and what your guests will actually sit on when eating or chatting is something you definitely never thought about.

The thing is most people won't actually think about what type of chair they are sitting on. Most won't even notice the chairs, and some of the ones who will notice, won't really care. Is it modern, classic, high tech or vintage? It's fine, as long as it's stable and it does the job. Yes, there will be a lot of people who simply won't care, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't care.

Chairs are important furniture pieces, and every wedding has hundreds of them. They are everywhere, and you will notice them during the wedding, and after the wedding. They are an important aspect of how your wedding looks, how it feels and how people interact during the wedding. They do matter, even though most of us don't really notice them first hand. They are part of the backdrop, the setting and are important actors in creating the right atmosphere for your wedding. So you should pay attention to them.

The type of chair you select for your wedding depends on the style of your wedding. Even if your reception is outdoors or indoors, the chairs are important elements in the overall wedding atmosphere. The chairs should be adapted to the location, the decoration, the flower arrangements, the wedding's theme, and of course, they should be adapted to your budget. Yes, chairs cost money, and because you'll need a lot of them, the costs can go quite high. Luckily, there are Wedding Chair Rentals companies that offer wedding chairs in a huge variety of shapes, styles, materials, and sizes, so you'll have plenty to choose from. You can go for any type of chair, from basic plastic folding chairs which are ideal for a minimalist outdoor wedding, to elaborate baroque chairs made of premium wood. It all depends on what you want and how you want your wedding to be. Also, ask your wedding planner for details. Your location might already have chairs that you may like or can offer alternatives. Always ask before renting, as you may get better deals and you may find help with Wedding Furniture providers and their stock for hire.

There are hundreds of chair styles to choose from, and they can be ideal for virtually any type of wedding. However, there are some chair models that are more popular than others and can be adapted to most types of weddings. Here is a quick guide on the most popular 5 types of wedding chairs you should pay attention to:

The Ghost Chair

One of the most iconic wedding chairs you will most likely come across is the Ghost Chair. Designed by Philippe Starck back in the 1970s, this chair reminds us of Parisian chic nightclubs, where it was first initially used. The design is based on the Louis XVI chair, called the gout grec. The simple, upholstered chair was popular during the 19th century, and the Ghost Chair is a modern redesign of this historic piece of furniture.

The single, unbroken piece was initially made of crystal clear lucite, but now they are made of simple acrylics, available in a huge variety of hues and colors. The translucent, sturdy design makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor venues. Its simple design makes it very adaptable to multiple wedding themes, being very delicate and sleek. It blends in with other pieces of furniture, it doesn't take away from the already busy environment and are a nice addition to a modern wedding. You can find the Ghost chair at most Wedding Chair Rentals companies in the country.

The Bamboo Folding Chair

Bamboo furniture never gets old. It's easy to adapt to virtually any setting or location and it works great in both outdoor or indoor venues. They are great for warmer locations, they are highly adaptable and not intrusive. What's more, they are fairly cheap, so they are ideal for a more minimalist wedding. They add a natural element to the location, so they go well with outdoor or rustic locations. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so you'll have to choose them according to your needs.

The Tolix A Chair

This modern, elegant and robust chair was designed in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard and was an instant hit. Also known as Marais chairs, they are often used for their durability, robustness, and ruggedness. The all-metal design makes them ideal for industrial or steampunk themed weddings. They are great for both indoor and outdoor weddings, especially if you want a more metallic, simplistic look. They are sturdy, classy and fashionable and look awesome without any additional decoration or flower arrangements. It's simplicity at its best – no added materials, colors or textures. It's the simple, bold, forward metallic look and you can find them at most Wedding Chair Rentals companies.

The Gold Fanfare Chair

This ornate, sophisticated and elegant chair is ideal for the stylish wedding you always dreamed of. It fits well in indoor venues, but its true splendor is far more visible in an outdoor setting. They will be the star of the show, especially if they are visible and unaltered. They go together with virtually any type of wedding, but they cater more for the sophisticated modern wedding. A splendid chair that is an amazing element for every wedding and you can find it at most Wedding Furniture companies for hire.

Wood Folding Chair

Going for the rustic, minimalist look for your wedding? The wood folding chairs are your best choice. They are extremely adaptable, are ideal for outdoor venues and are a great fit for a barn wedding. It's the right addition for any rustic wedding, no matter the location. It looks awesome when decorated with flower arrangements or small cushions. Your guest will love them and they will look great in pictures!