What are the best washing machines with tumble dryers of 2020?

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What are the best washing machines with tumble dryers of 2020?

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Washing machines with dryers offer an undeniable advantage by offering 2 machines in one. The economy and space-saving are guaranteed. Those with front-loading occupy the place of a conventional washing machine within general a base of 60 x 60 cm and a height of about 85 cm. The top-loading ones can be narrower, about 45 cm. There are free-standing or built-in and in the latter case, you must make sure that it can fit in the intended location.

Its capacity is one of the criteria to see up close. Depending on the number of people in your family, you can find in the comparison machines that accept 6 to 9 kg for washing. The drying capacity is generally lower and is around 4 to 6 kg.

Check the number of programs and options offered by your future acquisition. It should allow you to choose between several washing modes: express, quick, intensive etc. and the choice of temperature, type of textile (cotton, wool, silk etc.) should be one of the options available.

Air condensation drying is currently adopted by almost all models. It allows a significant water saving. Speaking of economics, think very carefully about your water and electricity bills. Energy efficiency ranks from "G" to "A +++". Be sure to choose a model that approximates the latter.

The spin speed is generally around 1,200 to 1,600 pm. The speed of the spin depends on it and the longer it is, the more energy you will consume.

Recommended products

Bosch WVH28461FF

1-Bosch-wvh28461ffThe Bosch WVH28461FF is a freestanding washing machine with front loading. Very practical, it has the function of adding or removing laundry during the cycle. It offers a capacity of 7 kg of laundry for washing and 4 kg for drying.

Bosch has implemented many innovative technologies to enhance the performance of this machine. Thus, the “AirCondensation” and “ActiveWater” technologies allow a great saving of water by managing its use to the nearest litre. The "Refresher" function smooths the laundry to make it easier to iron and deodorizes it at the same time.

The "EcoSilence Drive" uses an induction motor with a power of 2,200 Watts with high efficiency which allows a notable energy saving. Its energy efficiency is class "A". It is also particularly silent and emits barely 48 dB during washing. Its anti-vibration system helps to reduce the noise level while providing great stability.

Samsung WD80J6410AW

2-Samsung-wd80j6410awIf you are a large family, this Samsung washing machine price in Bangladesh with dryer offers you a large washing capacity of 8 kg and drying of 6 kg. Its floor area is 60 x 60 cm and its height 85 cm.

For better performance and less loss, it uses the direct drive system of its drum by its "Digital Inverter" motor. Its energy efficiency is then class "A". Class "A" also for its high washing and rinsing efficiency. Thanks to the particular shape and the small diameter orifices of its "Crystal Care" drum, your laundry is perfectly preserved.

It offers no less than 14 programs and options that allow you to preserve your laundry according to the textile used (wool, cotton, synthetics, etc.), rapid washing, intensive washing, the sequence of washing and drying, delayed start etc.

The current program and the time remaining is displayed on its large digital screen.

Hotpoint FDG 8640BS EU

3-Hotpoint-FDG-8640bsThe Hotpoint FDG 8640BS EU is a washer/dryer combination suitable for a family of 3 to 5 people. Its 62-litre drum accepts 8 kg of laundry for washing and 6 kg for drying. Its maximum spin speed reaches 1,400 rpm but it can be adjusted as desired depending on the type of fabric.

This washing machine price in Bangladesh offers up to 16 different programs for washing and 3 for drying. The delayed start can be programmed for 24 hours. All information concerning the current program is displayed on its LCD screen.

With the consumption of 19,600 litres of water and 1,088 kWh of electricity per year, it is considered to be eco-efficient and is awarded class "A" for its energy efficiency.

It has many other assets to its credit such as child safety, anti-overflow and anti-leak security, load balancing in its drum, relatively low noise level (51 dB) etc.