What are the Reasons of Disabled Facebook Account and How to Reactivate it?

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What are the Reasons of Disabled Facebook Account and How to Reactivate it?

Facebook is a social media platform that enables an individual to post on the wall, put a selfie on it, and much more. It also enables an individual to connect with friends, colleagues, and the ones to whom they do not know i.e. strangers. These all things make you feel awesome but what if you got to know that you will never be a part of all these things and also you feel unable to login to Facebook.

Ah, snap. You can't access Facebook, can't log in, can't update your status with selfies. Oops! your Facebook account has been disabled.

Once you accept that your Facebook account has been disabled, these may be your inner feelings. It is understandable how uncomfortable the situation is for you. A lot of people have been asking us to guide them in how to enable their disabled Facebook accounts. Your Facebook account may have been disabled, or it may have been changed somehow.

You don't have to worry, your Geek Dashboard is here to help you reactivate your disabled Facebook account and help you through this whole ordeal. Please follow this blog and reactivate your Facebook account before things worsen.

What are the Reasons for Disabled Account?

If you can not access Facebook like earlier you used to, there exists a possibility that you have violated the rules, as a result, your Facebook account is disabled. Some of the possible rules that could have been violated by you are depicted below. Check them wisely and get an accurate reason for the same.

  1. Posts have been marked spam by someone and reported to Facebook
  2. An account with a fake name was created on Facebook.
  3. Sending spam messages like ads, harassment messages, etc
  4. Wrote an unsuitable comment on the post
  5. You disabled or deactivated the account knowingly

So, these were the causes of a disabled Facebook account and by going through them you will surely have the idea where you have mistaken

Now, let us start with the remedies, by going through them you can reactivate the Facebook account.

How to Reactivate the Facebook account?

There are two ways, using which a disabled Facebook account can be re-enabled to the live state. First is you can appeal to the Facebook team through a contact form. Secondly, you can activate your account if it is Disabled by mistake. You can learn about both methods below:

  1. Make an appeal to Facebook Team
    If you think your account is disabled by mistake and you have not broken any rule. Try making an appeal to the Facebook Team by following the below-mentioned steps.

    Step 1: Go to the Facebook account deletion form
    Step 2: Fill up the form and mention the email address of your Facebook account, Alternate email address, full name, Date of Birth, and ID proof (can choose Aadhar Card, PAN Card, or others)
    Step 3: Click on the SEND button

    This way you can make an appeal to the Facebook team regarding the disabled Facebook account and if it was done by mistake, surely you will have the Facebook active once again.
  2. Disabled by mistake
    If you disabled the Facebook account unknowingly and now you want it live once again, follow the below steps, and the account will be live for sure.

    Step 1: Open up the web browser (like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc)
    Step 2: Go to the Facebook.com website
    Step 3: Enter username and password correctly
    Step 4: Click on the Login button

    Now, after following the above steps, you will get logged in to the Facebook account automatically. 

So, these were the steps to reactivate the Facebook account and the causes which led to such a disability have also been mentioned above. While applying for an appeal to Facebook regarding the account reactivation, try mentioning the details with utmost accuracy else the Facebook account might not get reactivated.


As we have seen, it's very easy to enable a disabled Facebook account if you follow the steps. Have you been able to reactivate your Facebook account? Have you followed the instructions properly? Did you receive a response from Facebook? We hope you will not experience this problem again. Let me know what you think in the comments below.