What is MERN stack development? Is MERN Stack In Demand In 2024?

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What is MERN stack development? Is MERN Stack In Demand In 2024?

Web development has become a necessity no business can afford to exist without.

It sounds a little cliched to some out there, but it is a harsh fact that every business must pay attention to.

Yeah, you are right it may cause an existential crisis? Well, jokes apart, in today’s digital world where everything has become accessible to our fingertips, it is a prudent decision for businesses to bring their services online for wider access and reach.

In the world of web development, MERN stack development which comprises MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js has become a rock-solid platform to build robust web applications.

However, amid the advancement of the technological bubble, it remains a question of whether MERN will continue to stay as a relevant trend for web development in 2024 and beyond.

The answer to this worthy question is hidden within this blog post…just scroll ahead…

MERN Stack- a Quick Walkthrough

This stack is a combination of a few technologies with immense functionalities set at their core benefiting web development. This stack consists of:


It is a document-oriented, NoSQL database, using these developers can build high-performing web apps that not just work fast but also fit the scalability meter exponentially.


This framework is basically a Node.js web application framework.

It possesses minimalist and flexible attributes that help in setting up rich features for mobile and web applications built for a diverse range of industry verticals.


Leveraging this technology, developers can execute the JavaScript code outside the web browser within a JavaScript runtime environment.


As we all know, React is a popular JavaScript library that is used by developers to build intuitive UI for single-page web solutions.

The integration of this library framework enables developers to write clean and complete code in JavaScript.

As a result, the development process gets more streamlined as it brings flexibility, and data handling while managing the concurrent users during high traffic.

Web Development Evolution - A Synopsis

Indeed, the landscape of web development has drastically since the time it was conceptualized. If we look closer, in the 2000s LAMP stack (Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP/Perl/Python) became a high-end technology stack for web development, and developers preferred using it sacrosanct.

However, later in 2000, there was a sudden surge of AJAX and JavaScript which brought the limelight onto MERN and MEAN.

In this sphere, the inclusion of Node.js in 2009 has turned out to be a redefining factor that enabled developers to use JavaScript for server-side scripting.

As a result, developers were able to build dynamic and interactive web applications that could transform the web applications. Here, MERN became the apple of the eye of the developer fraternity and rose to prominent space forever.

Leveraging the frontend framework React allowed developers to access UI/UX intricacies with a revolutionary approach, leading to more engaging and user-friendly interfaces.

At the same time, the latest trends of web development such as SPAs can be practiced seamlessly using MERN resulting in an efficient web app solution.

Why Mern is Still in Demand for Web Development?

The rate at which web development technologies have evolved over the years is remarkable. These technological advancements have completely redefined the way services are being offered through web apps substantially.

However, the concern erupts when there is a huge number of innovative technologies spurring up lately will the MERN stack remain relevant in 2024 and beyond?

To understand this, it is vital to know that MERN has a high value in the web development field due to multiple reasons such as robustness, the evolving ecosystem of JavaScript, and the scalability factor.

When a tech stack is selected for a web project then first and foremost project’s requirements are considered closely to understand which technology/framework can fit the bill.

With MERN, it becomes easier for the developers to use Expree.js which is implemented by global brands worldwide.

Furthermore, React.js which is another key element of the MERN stack has become an inseparable part of web development due to its flexibility and scalability factors.

Now the bigger question finally comes whether MERN will continue staying afloat on the top bench.

So the answer is YES!

As discussed above, every tech stack implementation has a lot to do with the specific requirements and preferences of the project.

In the similar fashion, it becomes highly significant for the developers to soak their hands and feet in the cutting-edge technologies that are ready to create a stir in the market.

The specific project requirements and development trivia can be answered well by the MERN stack which is a combination of different technologies and has every bit of technical bliss that can make a web app into a sizzling project.

MERN offers React as a front-end framework- and being a fresh and engaging framework, it has a vast community that helps in finding the solution to unanswered queries.

This gives MERN a robust infrastructure where developers can attain sufficient resources and required technical support to furnish their queries with the right answer.

Furthermore, developers must not forget that with the MERN stack they are not required to indulge in some new languages, rather they only need to work along with prior experience in JavaScript as it uses similar language throughout the stack.

Final Call

Indeed, the concept of web development is no longer revolving around the basic technologies, but has evolved into something prominent and technically influential and this is evident from the MERN stack that has been a part of web development services.

This stack has a huge customer base and with wider community support it becomes a safer choice for the developers to try their hands in.

It has a promising and bright future ahead and will mark a huge difference in the near future as well. 

For businesses, MERN possesses a great deal of opportunities that will unfold new horizons for business reach.

Henceforth, to conclude it can be stated that MERN is and will continue to reign in the web development vertical with Elan.

Businesses must Hire MERN Stack Developers and embrace MERN and carve out a difference in their web development projects sacrosanct.