What is the best cheap washing machine in 2019?

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What is the best cheap washing machine in 2019?

Who is it for? A washing machine is an indispensable machine in your daily life, in order to avoid the chore of hand washing the laundry of the whole family. If you're a stay-at-home mom, it's a great help to save time in doing your housework. You can clean your clothes according to your availability.

 OneConcept SG002

Top or front? The answer is simple: choose the type of washing machine that will fit your requirements and your space. The ideal is to choose a top device, that is to say with an opening on the top if there is no room in your kitchen, your bathroom or your garage. This model is also suitable if you only require a loading capacity of 2 to 5 kg maximum. Thanks to its opening on the top, it does not clutter your already narrow room. Moreover, you can install it in a studio, a garden shed or a mobile home.

Useful wash programs? It is essential that you check the washing programs available on the washing machines. Note that some entry models have only a fixed spin system that does not allow you to regulate the spin speed depending on the type of laundry. The best is to orient yourself on a device that offers at least 2 programs, to preserve your sensitive textiles.

OneConcept SG002 powerful 250W is an excellent model of top washing machine offering 2 washing programs: normal linen and delicate linen. It allows you to wash your different types of laundry (silk, cotton, jeans, synthetic ...) with the best spin speed and in the best conditions. It is suitable for occasional home use or use at the campsite. We recommend that you put this mini washing machine in the list of models that you will compare.

Main advantage

Thanks to its lightweight of 5.8 kg, its small width of 40 cm and its moderate power of 250W, oneConcept SG002 is the ultimate washing machine to be adopted in a narrow housing or a mobile home. It is appreciated for its low consumption of water and energy.

Main drawback

This washing machine has a limited loading capacity (2.8 kg) which is only sufficient for occasional use and for a small number of users (up to 2 or 3). Anyway, it is designed to be used when travelling or camping with the family. She can also use an extra washing machine at your home.

Main Explained Characteristics
A quiet, space-saving washing machine

The oneConcept SG002 is a "top" type washing machine that can easily find its place in your home or in your motorhome. It has reduced dimensions, with a width of 40 cm, a length of 70 cm and a height of 80 cm, which allows you to install it elsewhere in the small garden shed. It does not clutter your space. In addition, this model is particularly quiet during its operation to not disturb your surroundings. 

A washing machine with 2 washing programs

This device offers 2 washing programs (delicate laundry and normal laundry), which gives you the possibility to adjust the spin speed according to the sensitivity level of your textiles. You can adopt the "delicate" program, when you plan to clean your clothes in silk or cotton, for example. The "normal" program can be activated to wash solid clothes such as jeans and synthetic fabrics. This machine also has a timer that is adjustable between 0 to 15 minutes to fit your needs.

An ergonomic and economical household appliance 

Discover this product at a good washing machine price in BD in our comparison. Thanks to its side handle, oneConcept SG002 can be moved without much effort. It has 4 feet allowing it to find better stability and to avoid the risks of corrosion. It is equipped with a transparent cover from which you can control the washing process of your laundry. Reliable, it is watertight to IPX4 standards and has a well-integrated water outlet hose.

To facilitate connection to the electrical outlet (200-240 V, 50-60 Hz), it is equipped with a 1.5 m cord. To better arrange your space, it offers cord storage. For the proper functioning of the appliance, this model incorporates a powerful fluff filter.