What is The Impact of AR on Mobile App Development

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What is The Impact of AR on Mobile App Development

AR or Augmented Reality is an artificial environment which is created by combining the digital elements with the real world of the users. In the AR spectrum, users are not magically transported to a world which is different from reality. In fact, it places some artificial elements within the physical environment which enhances users’ perceptions of reality. Over the years technologies have become advanced which has re-shaped the users’ perceptions towards embracing interactive techniques. AR is one such technology which has now been widely accepted by both app development companies along with the global users.

To know more about AR implications, it would be better to get in touch with an established AR app development company

Augmented Reality owing to its vast potentialities is gaining worldwide popularity by multiple businesses across industries. For example, AR mobile apps garnered a massive revenue of 884.1 million in 2017. But in 2020, it is expected to generate 6218.23 million approximately. Currently, there are 300 million users of AR apps compared to 60 million in 2013.

Why should you choose Augmented Reality?

The technology of AR can be suitable for you in today’s world, as it enables in the automatic projection of the necessary information to your related areas. For example, by wearing AR glasses, you can get reviews or information about your nearest coffee shops or any important architecture. In this way, AR by giving a digital touch of your actual world enhances in experiencing the desired services conveniently. 

Industries benefitting from AR:

Gaming and entertainment:Both gaming and entertainment are very important means for relaxation. Using Augmented Reality you can make this interactive and engaging. So, now you can imagine playing your favourite games in an engrossing environment with interactive controlling options using AR.

Education:This is another important industry which can improve a lot by incorporating this technology. An app development company with AR expertise can create purposeful educational apps which can make learning easy to remember by the students. Also, the visual impression can be made attractive so that the content becomes vivid for the learners. 

Healthcare: In this industry, you can use AR technology to improve the quality of healthcare services along with diagnosing the possibilities efficiently to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Retail:In this business, AR helps in serving customers effectively so that they can be retained for long.

Advantages of AR:

3D Viewing:With or sometimes without trackers, AR can place real-life 3D objects in your surroundings. This is mainly done by business organizations who wish to enable their customers to have an idea about how their products will look like in the real world. 

Browsers:Applying AR on the browsers will track your location so that any important information pertaining to your locations can be properly displayed. 

Customer-centric search: Using AR technology, businesses can generate relevant results as per the search made by the customers. This will help in making the customers satisfied and loyal. This will also enable consumers to see specific and necessary products according to the search done. In this way, as a business, you can also get increased traffic that can eventually boost your sales. 

Virtual fitting room:Using AR the customers can avail the facility of virtual fitting rooms where they can try different colours and sizes that suit them. By using AR tools the customers can experience what clothes will suit them and what colours can match their personality style. In this way, they can get more engaged and can eventually enhance the sales of the online shopping store. 

Thus you can see that AR has got loads of advantages which can be best experienced by approaching a reputed AR app development company.

Conclusion:AR being an immersive technology is gaining popularity to facilitate businesses in gaining a competitive advantage. Not only it engages customers but also enables companies to streamline their offerings according to the varying tastes and preferences. 

Author Bio:Mr Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, an app development company with expertise in AR solutions. Being a tech lover he keeps an eye on the trending patterns of the latest technologies and incorporates the best practices to serve companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 across the globe.