What You Need To Know About Boarding School in India!

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What You Need To Know About Boarding School in India!

Boardingschool is nothing but a school where students study as well as stay. It provideseducationto children who stay in the school premises. Children instead of staying at their homes they stay at hostels attached to school. In such schools teachers are student’s guardians who look after their betterment in the absence of their parents.

  • What led to the development of boarding schools?

Now day’s parents are working, so here is no one to take care of their kids and guide them properly in studies and everything. Some have family problems or some suffer from financial issues or some want their children to be independent. Due to these reasons parents prefer sending their kids to boarding school where they are properly taken care of. There are so any families who send their children to boarding schools so now days there so many of them coming up.

  • Types of boarding school

There several types of boarding school based on fees structure or examination board like CBSE, ICSE or IGSC boards. The schools which are expensive have very good infrastructure and have extra curricular activities like horse riding, swimming etc. to keep the students mind diverted so that don’t feel home sick. The less expensive is for all the students who can afford it, only the infrastructure won’t be outstanding and they don’t have so many extra-curricular activities but three is no compromise in terms of studies.

  • Life in boarding school

In boarding schools the students are given nutritious food to keep the student fresh, healthy and energetic. They are not allowed to go out alone. A disciplined life is well maintained. Here students are inculcated to be

Self-disciplined and punctual. Children learn the value of time and adjustment with others. Their academic excellence is what main focus is there. Though they miss home but learn to share, leadership quality and to accept everything.

  • Advantages :
  • Teaches the student to become independent in this competitive world.
  • Prepare a social, self-dependent and inquisitive person to survive in this challenging world.
  • Capability to overcome all the situations.
  • Students learn to collaborate with different types of person from diverse ages group.
  • A student the value of time, punctuality is what is needs world.
  • Learn to their own work like washing clothes, dishes.
  • A student has to share his room with others, which teach him to grow up with sharing mentality.
  • Student learns to be a social person and doesn’t hesitate to communicate with other people.


As discussed above, there are disadvantages as well.

  • Children might develop a feeling that their parents don’t love them, that’s why they have been sent here.
  • They might develop a short temper, and their aggression level also increases.
  • Due to wrong company, they can indulge in activities like drugs, drinking, bunking class, disrespecting elders, etc.
  • Children might miss home and this can lead to homesickness.
  • Homesickness is d major reason, when they miss their family and go into depression.
  • Some children are prey to bullying which becomes hard for students to handle alone.
  • Academic pressure is constant for these students.
  • They might also fall in bad company of children can adapt wrong means which might harm their future.


Boardingschool has advantages and disadvantages. Parents should understand their child’s capacity and then decide whether their children will be able to adjust in the new atmosphere. Children should not be sent at an early age because they deserve the care love from their parents after a certain age like they should be sent because they are mentally capable of accepting new things and learning from them.

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