Where to Install Security Cameras at Your Home?

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Where to Install Security Cameras at Your Home?

1. Doors

The security cameras should be placed on doors especially on the front, side and back doors as these are the places from where the burglars normally enter a house. Exterior cameras should be installed at the spots near doors which lead the way to your home.

2. Off-street Windows

Off-street windows are also places wheresecurity camerasshould be installed. Windows which don’t exactly face the streets are more open for break-ins because of their privacy. Exterior cameras should be placed above those off-street windows or indoor cameras can also be installed at a place where they face the off-street windows.

3. Driveways

Driveways are a place for burglars to hide. If a burglar somehow approaches your home, the first thing he will do is to walk down your driveway or to enter your home through the garage door. If exterior cameras are placed above the garage door or above the driveways, such suspicious activities could be detected.

4. Common Areas

Common areas are also the good places to install the security areas because if the burglar enters your home, he will first search the areas like a living room or bedroom for the valuables so you need to place the camera over those places so that such suspicious activities can be immediately detected.

5. Staircases

In homes where there are basements and balconies with staircases which directly lead towards the entry points of the home, these areas could be used by the burglars to enter the house. Placing the cameras on the stairways could be a better option in such situations.


Recommended Places in Home For Installing Cameras

Whenever you are considering the best place to install security cameras, correct placement of the cameras is most important.

  • Cameras should be installed at the spots where they are out of range so that they are not easily destroyed or knocked down.
  • The exterior cameras should be placed at the second story of a house or at least they should be installed about nine feet above the ground so that they are out of reach.
  • The interior security cameras should be placed near the ceiling. It is also very important that all the security cameras are installed properly and securely.
  • There is also an option where the cameras could be attached towards the surface with help of the adhesives that screw the camera directly in the wall which makes it securer.

Angle of placement

  • Other than the placement of the camera, the angle to complement the placement of the camera is also very important.


  • Placing the cameras directly above the door or window might be wrong because placing the cameras in such angle may fail in catching the exact scene.


  • If the cameras are placed directly above the windows or doors, you may only see the head of the burglar and nothing else so you need to install the camera by keeping its angle down towards the entrance so that complete and clear recording is done.


  • If your security cameras are apparent and visible, then that is not a problem and they can help to scare the potential prowlers.


The security cameras installed at your home could also be wireless so you also need to check the WI-FI signals availability around your home and also the strength of the signals.


It is very important that the wirelesssecuritycameras at your homehave the access to reliable WI-FI networks so that clear footage could be captured and stored in the security system.


Without enough speed of the internet, the security cameras can stop working and they may get disconnected from the overall security system. If the WI-FI signals are weak, the video could be distorted and choppy.