Which Fertility Centres Offer the Highest IUI Success Rate in Chennai?

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Which Fertility Centres Offer the Highest IUI Success Rate in Chennai?

Out of all the best IUI fertility Centres in Chennai, Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine stands at the top rank with the highest IUI success rate in Chennai. Following closely to Oasis are three other fertility centres that offer high IUI success rate, these are Apollo Fertility, Iswarya Fertility Center, and Motherhood Hospital.

This list is based on factors like how much experience the doctors within the fertility centre has, the location of the clinic and the reviews that the clinic received from its patients and the IUI cost. Since IUI is a primary level of treatment, it is pretty affordable.

What’s The General Success Rate of IUI?

If you consider the count on an average, The chances of getting pregnant with IUI procedure being successful for a woman who is 35 or younger is 10 to 20 per cent with each stage of IUI. For a woman over the age of 40, the chances decrease to two to five per cent on average. The procedure is successful in the initial three stages of iui, but with the fourth stage, the chances start decreasing.

Best fertility Centres with high IUI success rate:

  • Oasis Fertility

  • Motherhood

  • Morpheus

  • Apollo

1. Oasis Centre For Reproductive Medicine

Oasis Centre is known for being leading fertility centre in Chennai, & offers quality services at an affordable cost. The IUI cost in Chennai in 2019 of Rs. 11,000. The doctors in Oasis are among the best you'll find in Chennai. The Success rate of Oasis is around 30%.

2. Motherhood Hospital

Motherhood Hospital has one of the best doctors you can find in Chennai and known for providing services like IUI, IVF & other pregnancy care services. It offers 24/7 assistance to couples dealing with fertility issues. The Success rate of Motherhood Hospital is around 30%.

3. Morpheus Meenakshi International

Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center is known for being one of the best fertility centres that mainly deals in IVF and other fertility procedures. This fertility centre is a part of the largest chain of infertility centres. The fertility centre has the infrastructure and technology that compares equally to international standards. The Success rate of Morpheus Meenakshi International is around 39.9%.

4. Apollo Fertility

If you are looking for a super speciality clinic, then Apollo fertility is the way to go. The clinic has more than three decades of experience in the infertility field. The clinic is also known for having one of the best IUI doctors in the area and has gained experience by handing emergency and high profile cases to the date. The Success rate of Apollo Fertility is around 41%.

Is IUI more successful than IVF?

When it comes to IUI, the success rate is around ten to fifteen per cent within the first cycle for women under 35. In the case of IVF that uses a woman's own eggs, the success rate range from forty-five to fifty per cent, sometimes more for patients that are under 35 years old.

How successful is IUI on the first try?

If you bundle the first three cycles, the success rate is usually around 39 per cent, while individually, the success rate is sixteen per cent. According to the iui success rate calculator, 1st  and 2nd IUI cycles have more success rate than 3rd and for the 3rd IUI cycle success rate drops to more than half.

What causes IUI to fail?

One of the most common reasons for going with IUI is low sperm count or if the case cannot be explained. This procedure is generally cost-effective and goes through less invasive treatment. If the endometrial lining is not proper, the egg that is fertilized cannot be attached in the cavity is one of the reasons why IUI might fail. If you don’t have a big budget and want a procedure that will cost less but has a decent amount of success rate, go for IUI.