Which generator would work best for me, petrol or diesel powered

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Which generator would work best for me, petrol or diesel powered

Overview of generators
It doesn't matter if you want to run your refrigerators, TVs or air conditioners in your homes or operate heavy duty tools such as grinders and a chainsaw on the work site, you can surely depend on your backup generators to provide you with the emergency power supply when you need it most. Of course, the power of your generator will decide how much you can run on its power supply, but once it carries the load you can rest assured of uncut power supply.

Being such a handy appliance, generators are very popular in homes and industrial buildings around Australia. Many homeowners and industries purchase or hire a generator Melbourne, Sydney, and other big cities. Now when choosing a generator consumers are presented with different types of generators and with so many options usually, buyers get overwhelmed.

One of the major types of generators available is petrol or diesel-powered generators, while they seem identical but in fact, the two types provide different benefits from one another and also have some downsides associated with them

The pros and cons of diesel-powered generators


Your choice would vary with your requirements, like if you want a generator which comes with safety and is more reliable, then diesel powered generators should be your preferred choice.

Diesel generators run at a lower temperature than petrol powered generators and are more robust and strongly structured. Another benefit of diesel generators is that they need compression to ignition unlike petrol generators which need spark plugs to ignition, this helps in prolonging the life of the generator as spark plug ignition takes more strain on the machine and causes faults after a period and is a safer method.

Diesel generators also consume less fuel due to a slow rate, which saves cost


All these benefits come at a price as diesel generators are rather expensive than their counterpart and even though they consume less fuel the price of diesel is considerably higher than petrol. Secondly, being expensive to buy also raises their maintenance and repair as their parts are very expensive

The pros and cons of petrol powered generators.


Petrol generators are a great choice for homeowners and commercial buildings as they provide a reliable and efficient power supply.

Secondly, petrol generators are rather cheaper than their diesel counterpart and petrol as fuel is cheaper than diesel. Another benefit of petrol generators is that they don't make much noise unlike diesel generators and release less emission than their diesel equivalents.


The biggest downside of the petrol generators is that they do not run as efficiently as diesel generators and consume fuel a lot faster. That said petrol burns much faster than diesel causing to release more energy which makes the generator components to get heated more quickly and wear out. Repairs and maintenance are less expensive on petrol generator but it is required more often due to the above-mentioned fact which could increase your expenses significantly.

You would also need more fuel on the site and in your homes as a backup as the fuel is consumed faster by petrol generators