Which timber flooring is best?

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Which timber flooring is best?

The search for the best timber flooring option is universal among the new homeowners and people interested in changing their floors. The definition of the best option is subject to many factors (as described later in this article). In each of the provided options, we also explore essential features such as prices, durability and the final look (of the space) after floor installation.

Best Timber Floors Type

Hardwood flooring

If you are looking for a perfect timber floor, there are high chances that you have come across different types of hardwood floor options. As the name suggests, the timber used is durable and strong compared to other flooring options. Hardwood contributes about 20% of all timber flooring around the world.

Why should you use hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring options are unique in the following ways.

They are durable

Do you want a timber flooring option that will last for generations? If the answer is yes, hardwood flooring is a perfect option for you. In several pieces of research on the durability of this type of wood, it is a fact that a floor can last for centuries under perfect conditions. There are, however, some things to note on the durability aspect. Not all hardwood floors have the same durability index.

They are beautiful 

For wood to mature, it may take tens of years or even hundreds of years. The years used in maturity give the wood an elegant look and feel. According to most homeowners, the final look of hardwood is not only attractive, but it requires less treatment and polishing.

What are some of the trade-ins of hardwood flooring?

Very expensive

The hardwood floors are costly compared to other flooring options. For one to invest in this flooring option, the budget must higher compared to other options. The question of whether the homeowner gets value for money has dominated the discourse involving hardwood floors.

These floors are hard to laminate and fit in spaces

In addition to being expensive, this flooring option is one of the hardest flooring options to laminate and fit is customized spaces. Therefore, choosing this flooring option limits the homeowner in terms of customizing home and spaces. Is it a good trade-in for a flooring project? The answer depends on the homeowner’s preference.

Softwood flooring

Did you know that 8 out of 10 kinds of wood used in flooring are softwood? The reason why softwood is popular across the world as a flooring option is its availability. Although hardwood as a flooring option is ideal for people looking for strong flooring option. Softwood options are also perfect.

In the last three decades, professionals in this niche have come up with ways of making different softwood better and stronger.

Why should you opt softwood as an alternative to flooring?


Compared to the previous flooring option, this option is affordable. Although affordability is subjective to different factors, using this flooring option helps the homeowner to save more than 40% of the cost. It is also important to note that different softwood options have different price points.


Since softwood takes less time to mature, and the conditions to grow are less strict compared to the other option, the flooring option is readily available. Regardless of where you are around the globe, it is possible to get in a store and find at least one type of softwood.

Easy to customize

Did you know that with softwood, it is possible to laminate and cut the wood into any size? This ability to shape the wood to any size makes it one of the best options when it comes to flooring. However, it is worth noting that different softwoods have different characteristics when it comes to customization.

Engineered timber flooring: The best flooring option

Both softwood and hardwood have differences in terms of durability, price points, and customization features. Choosing one of them leaves you as a homeowner with many trade-ins. However, engineered timber flooring is, without a doubt, the best-balanced flooring option (as discussed below.)

Why is engineered timber flooring the future of flooring?

Easy to install

Installation is one of the characteristics of an ideal flooring option. Looking for a flooring option that is easy to install should be your number one priority. Engineered floors are perfect when it comes to installation. With a few steps, it is possible to fit the floor perfectly.

Pricing is reasonable

Did you know that engineered timber floors are perfect for different budgets? For an average consumer, finding a flooring option that has all the features of a premium flooring option under reasonable pricing is a plus. Therefore, if pricing is one of the factors you are looking in a flooring option without compromising the flooring option, this is an ideal choice.

Engineered flooring withstands harsh environmental conditions such as moisture and heat

It is a public secret that humidity and heat are the biggest enemies to timber flooring. Fortunately, this option solves the durability challenge without incusing extra cost.