Why A “Mesh Network” Is Important For You?

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Why A “Mesh Network” Is Important For You?

By now you’ve probably heard the word ‘Mesh Wi-Fi’ but maybe you aren’t sure what that exactly means. What are its benefits? And why people are talking about it all the time? So today we’ll discuss whether mesh network is really good for you or not. It allows a number of devices to link together, branching off each other allowing the signal and network to spread further. As we’re on the topic of wireless networks, you might want one installed at your home as well. For that matter, feel free to contact RMS Installs who provides the best network installation services in Atlanta.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi?

Normally the Wi-Fi network in your home works by having a Wi-Fi router sitting in one spot connected to your modem. It might be a modem-router combo in one and it projects a Wi-Fi radius within a certain radius around itself that allows your devices to then connect to each other or through the modem into the internet. Now in a Wi-Fi mesh network however there is one main router that plugs into your internet modem in the same way a traditional one does. But then again there are also other hubs that are identical to the main router hub that you can place throughout the house to increase the range on the network.


Now essentially it is done by having a super-fast connection between each of the satellite hubs and the main hub. It is plugged into the modem and then each hub produces its own Wi-Fi network that your devices can connect to in order to communicate with each other.

Let’s say you have 30 hubs positioned in a cluster and yes, a lot of mesh systems support that many hubs. The signal would not just get passed through the hub you’re closest to. It will actually find the fastest way through the other hubs to do so even if that way isn’t the same every time. They may use a different route for example, let’s say there’s traffic on of the hubs and its being over utilized. It can actually skip that hub and use another one that’s nearby. Now that was a popular benefit of these mesh Wi-Fi network.

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Benefits and Downsides

The satellite systems don’t need anything besides being plugged into a power outlet. So there’s a lot of options where you can put them. You put these all over your house and get it covered all in super satisfying strong Wi-Fi signal. Even in a smaller space like an apartment you can use it to actually further your coverage.

Another benefit is the easy setup. You simply have to plug one hub to the modem’s Ethernet and plug it into a wall. With the app you can set it up and it will be running. Most mesh network system have apps that are intuitive for controlling guest access, internet access, setting up different networks, etc. You can easily use the app to create a guess access password and can restrict them to only using the internet. So they can’t access your external hard drives on your network.

Some of the mesh Wi-Fi networks have a built in SmartThings hub. Know what that mean? You can control and monitor hundreds of connected devices. So with SmartThings Wi-Fi you don’t need to buy a SmartThings hub. One of the downside of these mesh Wi-Fi is that it can be pricier than a traditional router. Other than that it’s a perfect choice if you want to broaden your range of network even further. For that reasons, you should definitely get it.

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