Why do you need market research? Expert advice

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Why do you need market research? Expert advice

What is market research in a global perspective?

Marketing is about reaching your target audience with a soft approach. Every product or service includes a message to your audience. Every product is known by its unique selling point or his USP. Marketing efforts aim to convey this message to end users. Global marketing is a combination of all activities. All products and services are region specific. The combination of actions depends primarily on how well the product can be localized or standardized to the context.

For example, Red Bull is an Austrian drink loved by Americans, Brits, and Germans. The brand hosts successful sporting events all over the world. The Red Bull Air Race is held in the United Kingdom, while the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix is ​​held in the United States. Jordan is hosting a Red Bull Soapbox race. Red Bull has a global outlook and is different from traditional American soft drinks. This one is much more European.

KFC originally originated in America, but they have a different strategy in Japan. Japanese people tend to enjoy Christmas. Therefore, KFC is associated with X-Mas crispy chicken, and this concept is very much in line with the Japanese choice. One of the most persuasive strategies is to use local advertising and models to showcase your products.

What are the obligations to conduct market research in Japan?

There are certain facts that need to be followed when conducting research in the Japanese local market.

• No research conducted in English: Japan is the country where English is the least widely spoken language. If you conduct your research in English, you may be missing important information. Therefore, the best step is to use Google Chrome to translate the FAQ into Japanese. You can also hire a Japanese-speaking marketing agent.

• Understanding the market size: Before entering the market with a particular product, it is essential to understand the market potential. Additionally, you need to understand the size of the market and its scope. Depending on these factors, you can decide on the type of marketing campaign. It doesn't matter if you are offline or online. Choosing online distribution and sales channels can be a blessing for your business.

• Know the standards: Knowing the standard practices for a particular area makes a big difference. No matter what your service and product, you should know the standard shipping process. If you require delivery within a defined area, you will need to consider the time required. For example, if you are doing business in Japan, it will take the shortest time to get your package delivered within Tokyo. You need to calculate the time required and commit your customers accordingly.

• Capture the entire process: The entire process should be done schematically. You can record the entire process from order receipt to processing. You can take some screenshots of intermediate processes. Conducting several customer interviews can increase the credibility of the entire process. You can publish it on your website to make the process more convincing.

• Plan your next steps: Once you have mapped out your overall strategy, you can create a roadmap that requires expertise to derive a successful business plan. Plan strategic partnerships with local partners.

If you are planning effective market research, take advantage of market research firm in Japanese where you can get first-hand ideas.

What tips should I follow while staying in Japan?

Here are some facts you should know about Japan. Special considerations are required if you are considering market development in Japan.

• Japan has the highest consumer market: Japan is one of the richest countries in the world, with the third largest GDP and HNWI (high net worth population). All 17 Japanese people are billionaires. Almost all couples in Japan are established. Therefore, Japan has one of the best customer bases in the world.

• Adapt to the culture while in Japan: Japanese culture is completely different from other countries in the world. There are big differences between the cultures of the United States and other developed countries. Japanese people are sensitive and very loyal to their culture. The Japanese have their own culture and prefer to maintain it.

When working in the Japanese market, you need to know and be aware of certain facts and apply them accordingly. All the researcher has to do is gain trust and control the market and potential consumers. Once you've earned their trust, you can make potential customers fall in love with your product or service. A better understanding of your customer's requirements will help you reframe your niche. Prepare your marketing strategy accordingly and get maximum benefits.

Understanding Japan's aging population: As of 2008, it was known that Japan's population was aging relatively. Approximately 20% of the people were over 65 years old. The elderly population is not a burden on the market, but rather an advantage. Consumption by these people will be quite expensive. This means they are relatively wealthy and have a positive consumption curve. This generation has more purchasing power than young people, which is a boon for startups.

Japan is not a monolithic market, but it has its own characteristics. Similarly, you should conduct research on consumer habits and suggest questionnaires for interviews. You should be extra polite and ask them to take your valuable time to answer all your questions.

Are market research and marketing viewed from different angles?

Marketing products and market research in Japan require different expertise. If you are thinking of launching a new product in Japan, you need to look for a Japanese market research company. Expertise in this area will identify your true areas of core strength. You need to understand your customer's next purchase intent and frame your questions accordingly. You need to develop your own values ​​for customers to choose from and prepare your marketing strategy accordingly. Because Japan has a more conservative approach to market research than other developed countries, this country has a very different success story.

If you want to think twice before investing, seeking out a market research expert may be your best option. Understand your customers' aesthetics and manage your brand accordingly. Japanese-style market research is based on two types of data. This is mainly software data obtained from dealers and hard data obtained from inventory. By combining the two types of data and capturing surveys, you can gain customer insights.


It is not context-free, it requires context-relevant information. If you are confident about entering the Japanese market, make sure you have done your market research in the right way. Collect data and gain insights to help you penetrate the market.