Why Independent Laptop Repair Shops In New York Are Better Than Official Stores:

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Why Independent Laptop Repair Shops In New York Are Better Than Official Stores:

Apple has finally announced that it will provide independent repair shops with spare parts for the iPhone. This is a big step but MacBook and MacBook pro are still of the charts for a third-party repair.

Companies like Apple and Microsoft have made billions out of in-store repairs. It is a major source of revenue for these tach giants and they don’t care about the consumer's suffering. A simple audio jack in-store repair for MacBook can cost you $350, which an independent repair shop will do it at $50.

My Grandma decided to upgrade her laptop last summer, directly to a 2019 MacBook pro. Now you can imagine the chaos it would’ve caused. After 3 weeks, she told me she couldn’t listen to her music through headphones. She is a grandma, after all, I thought, maybe it’s a volume issue. I told her I’ll come and take a look at it. I checked the laptop for her, apparently, everything was fine but no headphones were working when plugged into the audio jack. I took the laptop to the nearest apple store and after taking a look at it they told me it was a faulty audio jack and it doesn’t come under warranty and I would have to pay an extra $350 for the repair. Emm, thank you, but no thank you, the whole situation was outrageous. And it wasn’t the first time Apple was doing this, it had happened to me before (and probably millions of other people). Tech giants act like vultures when it comes to laptop repairs. I had no other option but to take risk of going to an independent laptop repair in New York City.

If I’m being completely honest, I was cynical about third party repairs before this. As I entered the shop, a pleasant-looking middle-aged man greeted me from behind the counter. I showed him the laptop and that it was a brand new one (bought just three weeks ago), told him the problem and that I was worried Apple was going to null the warranty after the repair. He took a good look at it, took a small, sharp, screwdriver like the tool and scraped the inside of audio jack with it. I heard a small snap and then he asked me to check it. Lo and Behold, the audio jack was working. I was stunned and looked at him as if he performed some sort of magic. He laughed and said the pin inside was just stuck and I should tell me, grandma, to try to be a bit more gentle when plugging in the headphones. When I asked how much I had to pay, he said he didn’t have to repair anything, so I don’t have to pay. This whole experience made me think about how deceitful the official store has been to me.

If I was desperate, I would’ve definitely paid the $$$ they asked me to. I’m sure there are countless cases like mine where people are scared to go to any independent laptop repairs in New York and end up paying hundreds of dollars for in-store repairs. These tech giants have projected a false image of third party repairs and made it a taboo. The truth is that some of these third party laptop repairs in New York are even more skilled and experienced than the official ones. Laptop and Smartphone Repair Expertsin Manhattan is one of the best laptop repairs in New York. Their technicians are highly skilled and offer the best customer service and you should always check the customer reviews before going to a repair shop.