Why we integrate real-time Features in Mobile Apps

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Why we integrate real-time Features in Mobile Apps

It is a necessity for utilizing real-time features in your mobile applications, With the help of mobile app development several business applications come with features such as real-time feed, push notification, tracking live order status, and instant messaging real-time technology conveys data to the user in genuine time situation.

This innovation has made itself apparent in mobile and web application advancement over the most recent couple of years to a critical degree. New startups as well as presently Established firms are joining constant features in their mobile applications. to reinforce availability.

Companies and end-users both can take the benefits with the help of these features, as they can enjoy speedy, solid and helpful communications.

 As a result, several industries witnessed a study growth in the use of real-time features. For example Travel and transportation, food healthcare and media

Some mobile App Real-time Features:

 1. Push Notification:

The feature of push notification can be used to make the user aware of the Components of the application or new products. At a time most of the business organizations uses push notification to improve retention rate.   

 2. Real-time Feed:

This kind of functionality is mostly available on several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. When you incorporate real-time feed in your business app. The end-user can get excessively benefited. With the help of new content that you publish on your platform, they stay updated on the process they get all the major opportunities of any significant feed.

 3. Live Streaming:

Live streaming has ended up being a famous element in present-day applications. Industries from several verticals, including entertainment, logistics, transportation, and real estate, among others, are incorporating this component in their applications.

This enables the mobile applications to make and convey information to the clients to cultivate deep cooperations. Live streaming is additionally a significant component in gaming applications.

 4. Integration of IoT Devices:

Throughout the years, constant innovations like BOSCH, COMET, and WebSocket have developed. These highlights are progressively being utilized in a mobile application. IoT (Internet of Things) is another significant element, which can refine the experience of the end-clients.

Internet of things (IoT) is an important feature that can filter the end-user experience. Over the years, real-time technologies such as COMET, BOSCH, and WebSocket have developed these elements are progressively being utilized in mobile applications.

 Let’s explore how the IoT Technology functions in mobile apps: 

  • First of all IoT devices or sensors, gather the information from the accessible sources 

  • This data may be sent to cloud storage With the help of cellular network or Wi-Fi 

  • Progressed IoT Software examinations the information, when it is accessible in the cloud frameworks 

  • This Analyzed information Receive by the users as the final product.

 User gets alerts of incorrect information through text messages, email. and notifications.

 How Real-time Features Can Benefit Various Industries?

 Here are some of the top industries that have benefited from these features:

 1. Health and Fitness:

The apps are used to remind the users about the schedule of their workout. Real-time notification like goal push are beneficial in the health industry for daily reminders of activities.diet plans updates are also provided by push notifications.

 2. Ecommerce:

Various eCommerce applications are incorporated with real-time features that help to boost their mechanism of sales on the bases of previous purchase records the companies recommend the products to the consumers.

 3. Cab Booking:

During the time of the booking process, real-time notifications play’s an important role when any customer needs a ride then the nearby cab driver gets a notification on their mobile phone. real-time updates on mobile like, driver details, its position and tour pricing. 

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