Why You Should Consider Using Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Dietary Plan?

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Why You Should Consider Using Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Dietary Plan?

You know that an apple a day may keep the doctor away, right? This is because it contained with essential vitamins and minerals that are good for your body. But how about when these round and sugary fruits are crushed, fermented and turned into a vinegar? Surprisingly, this natural tonic can give you numerous health and beauty benefits more than what an apple fruit itself can offer. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Over the years, an apple cider vinegar gained its spot to the top list of superfood worldwide. It is well-known among natural health community.It becomes part of the dietary plan of those who are in weight loss program, a highly useful in preserving food, and an effective beauty remedy. The list continues to go on as this also becomes a subject for many studies. 

What is an apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a kind of vinegar made from the fermented apple juice. Apples are crushed and squeezed in order to get the extract. Afterwards, alcoholic fermentation process happens next. It is where the bacteria and yeast are added to it. During the first step, the yeast is able to convert the natural sugar of the apple into alcohol. In the second fermentation procedure, the bacteria is added to form acetic acid. In this process, the acetic acid and malic acid give the apple juice the sour taste and enable the alcohol to turn into vinegar.

Health Benefits

Helps you lose weight

If you are tired of your belly fat but too tired to work out, apple cider may help you lose some weight. The acetic acid formed during fermentation has the ability to increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite. When you eat a heavy meal in the morning and take apple cider, you might not remember food during snack time because it can give you the feeling of fullness. Thus, it can make you eat lesser calories that cause you uncontrollable weight. 

Lowers blood sugar

If your blood sugar is spiking up, apple cider can help you decrease the bar. It is a natural way to lower your blood sugar, especially when you drink before meal, because it can slow down your stomach from getting hungry. It can improve your insulin sensitivity especially if you are insulin resistant. It makes your body takes out glucose in your bloodstream and transfer it into your cells. It is necessary to monitor and control your blood sugar to prevent life-threatening complications and conditions such as cardiovascular problem, kidney, nerve and eye. 

Keeps your cardiovascular health on point 

Another beneficial effect of using apple cider vinegar is that it has the ability to improve your cardiovascular health by lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. The acetic acid blocks the enzyme you can get from food that may cause your blood pressure to increase. Diluted apple cider can decrease your risk of developing heart-related disease such as stroke, heart attack and etc.

Aids you in your personal care and hygiene

Too tired of your acne, pimples, dandruff, smelly feet, body odor and bad breath? Apple cider vinegar can help you get rid of these. What’s good about apple cider is that it provides beauty benefits. This makes you spend less to different products to help maintain your personal care and hygiene. Take a look at the list below. 

Hair and scalp

Frizzy hair and dandruff? Worry no more because apple cider can help you with that. When you take a bath, wet your hair using apple cider vinegar. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water afterwards. It can give you a smooth and shiny hair. Your dandruff is lessen that may eventually give you a dandruff-free scalp. The acidic nature of apple cider prevents the yeast to grow which gives you a healthy hair and scalp. It also helps you fight the irritation and itchiness in your scalp.  


You can use apple cider as your natural toner to help you clear your pimple and acne. Its antibacterial properties that can prevent you from getting pimples and acne. It is also an effective and safe skin exfoliator. In a cotton ball, put a good amount of it and apply on face and neck.

Body and Feet

Your body odor and smelly feet can put your confidence at low. If so, use apple cider to get rid of those. It can fight the bacteria that cause your armpit and feet to smell unpleasantly. Do not worry about the vinegar scent because it won’t last once dried. If you also suffer from fungal infections, the acetic acid and probiotics properties of apple cider can aid you kill those fungi. Apply it in your armpit and feet after taking a bath. 

Mouth and teeth

Apple cider can be your natural mouthwash. It can give you fresh breath and whiter teeth. Gargle it instead of water when brushing your teeth to kill those microbes in your mouth making your breath to smell bad. 


If you are a woman and suffering from vaginal infections, use apple cider vinegar instead of feminine wash. Its antibacterial properties can give balance to your pH.

Improves your gastrointestinal health

You can achieve a healthy tummy using apple cider. Its antibiotic properties cure the infection in your stomach caused by bacteria. It is also packed with pectin which helps you soothe intestinal disorder. Just do not take too much apple cider so that good bacteria won’t be killed. 

What are the side effects of too much intake in your body?

Too much intake of this tonic will bring no good to your body. Some of the side effects are the following:

• Vomiting

• Damaged teeth due to erosion of tooth enamel

• Heartburn

• Irritated throat

• Upset stomach 

• Decrease potassium and calcium absorption

It is important, therefore, to not overdose the daily recommended intake to avoid these conditions. 

How to use it?

For centuries, it has been used as an alternative medicine because of its many health benefits. When you are just a newbie user of apple cider vinegar, it is recommended to range your dosage intake from 1 to 2 teaspoons and tablespoon per day. Include it first in your cooking, salad dressing or mix it in a cup of water and juice. When you drink it too much, you may experience harmful side effects that can be bad for your health. 

Final Thought

Apple cider can give you numerous benefits beyond those listed above. The good thing about it is that it is natural and no chemical included that might affect your health. However, it is essential to remember that vinegar can kill bacteria and when it is too much, it may also kill those good bacteria inside your body. So, use this tonic moderately. Also, when you use it to cure your burnt skin, put it first in a cotton ball. Do not directly apply this in your wound to avoid irritation. Use only organic apple cider. Start consuming raw apple cider vinegar today.