Wildlife Safari In Bandipur – A Thrilling Experience Indeed

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Wildlife Safari In Bandipur – A Thrilling Experience Indeed

When you think of a safari, you must be thinking of a savannah landscape, with a lone acacia tree, and a herd of wildebeests and a cheetah waiting for its prey, and all of a sudden it launches on it. Amazing view, right and it can be breath-taking for some also. But my question is why only this landscape comes to your mind. Well, this is because this is the only place on the earth that is aired by those wildlife channels on a daily basis. This is where you get your regular feed of information from. I may sound rude to you, but that is the reality, I do not get that why you were so reluctant to check out other places for real. For example, try out wildlife safari in Bandipur. Well, what you need in a wildlife safari? An apex predator,Bandipur National Park is a tiger reserve so yes you got that. A herd of fast-moving wild animals, well Bandipur is home to numerous rare species of antelopes and leave that; you will definitely want to see the ‘neelgai’. After all, there is no other place where you can see a magnificent and unique creature like this. I really have no idea what can be the reason for your reluctance to join the wildlife safari in Bandipur indeed, it is a place where you can check out the most unique species at the same time. So stop being a couch potato and rather than binging on those wildlife channels do check out the real wildlife thrill, right here in Bandipur.

When one visits, one can definitely get intoxicated by the beautiful scenic sites and unique endemic fauna of this particular national park. Above all of these things, the most important thing, i.e. the reason people visit Bandipur is to get a look at the majestic ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’. Indeed it is an endangered species and also the national animal of this country. But the scenic sites and this endangered fauna do add thrill to this journey, but tourists want to return back to a rather comfortable sojourn. This is a much-required aspect, no matter how active the traveler is, rest is vital.  yes, you definitely want a place with all the necessary facilities, in short, you are looking for a selection of good resorts in Bandipur. When I am talking about a good resort you should look for mc resort in Bandipur, not because you are surfing on this website but research properly, refer from anyone you desire, but the last decision will remain the same and it is a guarantee.

Why you should visit Bandipur National Park?

Bandipur National Parkis located in the Chamrajnagar district of Karnataka and is the part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. It may just seem that I Am stating a fact out here but I am rather intrigued to ask you a question “do you know what it means to be a part of the biosphere”. It actually means that every part of the environment of Bandipur national park is rare, unique, and needs to be preserved. Yes and that is actually true, after all, Bandipur is a tiger reserve, so yes it is already home to one endangered species. But it is also home of rare species of antelopes like the four-horned antelope, chital, and sambhar. It also houses the rare golden jackal and dhole endemic to this specific region. Also, a gaur can be a site to be seen as the majestic beast that is endemic to this region in India. Talking about the flora dry deciduous vegetation provides a variegated shade of trees along with scenic beauty. Thus, making this an ideal place to hang around and have a picnic. You can have it amidst, the grooves of tall teakwood trees or you can check out the sandalwoods, known for their priced essence worldwide. Or even, you may decide to check out the giant clumping bamboo woods that are again a site to be seen. Definitely, a visit to Bandipur national parkis a promising trip. Of course, you cannot complain once you have entered the very cradle of nature, right here in Bandipur. So if you want to detoxify all your urban waste do visit here once, and have unforgettable memories for a lifetime.