Xarelto – What You Should Know Before Ordering this Blood Thinner Medication

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Xarelto – What You Should Know Before Ordering this Blood Thinner Medication

A blood clot is a serious issue that usually happens due to irregular heartbeat condition. This can happen due to atrial fibrillation or can also happen after you undergo a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery.

Curing such a blood clot condition is extremely important that needs to be done timely and using the right treatment and effective medication, else it can lead to some serious problem later on which can be really detrimental to your overall health.

Type of Medication for Blood Clot Condition

There are different types of medication available to help treat blood clot ailment. These work by making the blood thinner which helps reduce the blood clot and treat the ailment so as to avoid any further damaging health condition. Out of many of those medications, one of the best and most effective medications is Xarelto.

Types of Blood Thinners

There are two types of blood thinners:

  • Antiplatelets –This helps to reduce blood clotting by preventing cell fragments (platelets) in the blood to stick together.
  • Anticoagulants – This works by stopping certain enzymes and proteins functionality (which are the clotting factors) that lead to stopping of formation of blood clots.

What is Xarelto?
Xarelto is a type of Anticoagulant blood thinner that works to prevent certain proteins and enzymes to work to form blood clots. Whatever type of heart and blood vessel condition has led to the formation of blood clots in your body, Xarelto works efficiently to reduce the clotting and prevent further damage.

A form of DOACs blood thinners and an oral anticoagulant, Xarelto has become highly popular and preferred blood thinner in today’s times because it helps to affects fewer blood clots causing proteins and enzymes which makes it as a better alternative to traditional blood thinners. Biologically speaking Xarelto targets only one blood clot causing factor i.e. Factor Xa (“10a”). Before ordering it, know about Xarelto prices in Canada so to ensure that it is in budget and you are buying from a reliable provider.

What Benefits Does Xarelto Offer for Blood-Thinning?

  • Benefits All

Xarelto is not a medication prescribed to a certain faction of people. It is suitable to be used by people of all ages, sex, race, weight, and any dietary regime.

  • There is no Need to Go Blood Testing When Taking Xarelto

When you are on Xarelto consumption on a regular basis, there isn’t any specific need for you to undergo any regular blood test to check for the blood-thinning results. You must take Xarelto after consulting a medical professional and they will suggest you the suitable time-period you need to be on Xarelto.

  • No Major Dosage Changes

While different blood clot conditions may require specific dosage, usually the dosage is the same for all when starting and ending taking Xarelto.
However, people with kidney problems are an exception, as they could usually require a dosage adjustment specific to their condition.

  • No Need to Undergo Any Dietary Change and Adjustment

When on Xarelto, you don’t need to go through any changes in your dietary routine. People concerned with whether they need to adjust their vitamin K intake should not worry, as they need not have to make such an adjustment and can stay consuming foods rich in vitamin K content like leafy green vegetables and more.

What Type of Side-Effects Can Xarelto Cause?

When taking a blood-thinner you need to be concerned about the type of side-effects these can cause, and the same is the case with Xarelto. This blood thinner medication can cause side-effects as detailed below:

  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Numbness
  • Bleeding gums
  • Breathing problem
  • Coughing up blood
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Nosebleeds
  • Leg weakness
  • Vaginal bleeding or increased menstrual flow
  • Prolonged bleeding from cuts
  • Dizziness

While these are common side-effects, there are some other less or rare side-effects as mentioned below:

  • Wound secretion
  • Feeling feeble
  • Feelings of pain in legs and arms
  • Painful urination or feeling burning sensation during urinating

What to Know Before Taking Xarelto – Important Things to Know
If you are going through or experiencing such conditions, then you need to discuss your medical professional before taking Xarelto as you may be recommended to avoid this blood thinner:

  • If you have undergone a spinal tap or receive spinal anaesthesia
  • If you have any spinal injury history, spinal catheter, a spinal defect
  • If you are taking Advil, Motrin, or using any other medicine for blood clot prevention
  • If you are allergic to Rivaroxaban
  • If you have a bleeding disorder, high blood pressure, intestinal bleeding, ulcer, hemorrhagic stroke
  • Take precaution or avoid taking this medication if you are pregnant

How to Store Xarelto?
It should be stored at room temperature and away from heat and moisture.

How to Consume Xarelto?
Make sure you read the directions of consumption mentioned on the prescription label along with medical guides and dosage instructions. Also, consult your medical professional in detail about your condition and according to that, they will provide you with the right guidance on proper consumption of Xarelto.

Ensure to order from a reliable online provider after you know about Xarelto prices in Canada and get the right treatment as per your health condition and usage instruction to get the best health results.