15 Steps to Improve Your MacBook Efficiency

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15 Steps to Improve Your MacBook Efficiency

We all loved the way our MacBook used to work when we first bought them, and it was super smooth to use. Well, now after using it for years, it has lost its tendency and speed which slows down its performance. If you don’t use a MacBook, then get your ownMacBook Pro and MacBookwhich is really affordable too. Your Macbook is now filled with several files, music, videos, movies, and whatnot which definitely slows it down and gives you a headache due to all the glitches and degraded speed. We have a number of ways to help you regain the speed of yourMacBook from Malaysia.Keep reading to know more.

15 ways to speed up your MacBook

  1. Startup items need to be managed

When you start your mac it is comparatively slower than it used to be and hence the reason might be too much junk in your startup items. Try cleaning your startup apps to make your mac work fast.

  1. Too many resources using processes?

Identify the processes that are using too many resources and therefore causing the processor to get slow and lead to degraded performance. Use activity monitor to identify such resource eating processes.

  1. Browser add-ons are of no use

When you use a number of browsers, they come with a number of add ons that are generally not of great use and therefore it makes your mac to get load up with these useless add-ons which in turn slows down its performance.

  1. Keep your Mac updated

One easy trick to keep your mac new and young is to keep the apps in it updated. Old version applications make your mac to work slow and degrade its performance so, keep your mac and the apps updated.

  1. Keep the visual effects off

Visual effects tend to use up battery more and make the battery get drained in a very little time which leads to the battery to lose its performance and its life is not as long as it used to be.

  1. Keep your desktop clean

More the icons on your desktop more will be the use of space on your mac. If your desktop is cluttered with unnecessary icons, then you must clean it as each and every icon use some space of RAM.

  1. Clean the hard drives

It is extremely important to keep your hard drives clean and maintained as it tends to hold up all the files and apps you have on your mac and hence, it should not be containing any unnecessary file using its memory.

  1. Cache needs to be cleaned

Caches are often a big reason for your mac to get low on storage as a number of apps that you use lea e their cache memory and therefore it fills a great number of space on your MacBook.

  1. Unused apps should be uninstalled

Try to have a regular check on the apps that you use regularly and the apps that are not used in a long time or the ones that were just a one time use. Try to clean such unnecessary apps.

  1. Free up the RAM

Make it a habit to clean up your RAM regularly in order to have a check on the storage and keep it efficient to speed up your MacBook.

  1. Create a new profile

Your old profile takes a large number of space. Try to make a new one.

  1. Get your SMC and PRAM reset

It might be possible that your MacBook isn’t acting normal the issue might be withsystem management controller and parameter RAM. Try to reset them.

  1. Try replacing your HDD with SDD

Try to replace the Hard drive with a solid-state drive to make your MacBook new again. Take professional help for this.

  1. Try CleanMyMacX

try to clean your MacBook with the help of CleanMyMacX which is really easy and efficient to use.

  1. Try to add more RAM

Lastly, you can try to add more RAM to extend the space and speed up the performance of the MacBook.

These are some really effective and easy tips and tricks to speed up yourMacBook. Get yourMacBook pro from Malaysia.