7 Best Remedies to Prevent Adult Diaper Rashes

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7 Best Remedies to Prevent Adult Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes are red, and they thrive in warm, moist environments. Sometimes, these rashes can be scaly, bumpy or raw; depending upon the type of sensitivity reaction that happens on the skin area. These rashes are common in infants as their skin is very sensitive and vulnerable to infections, but it can happen to the adults as well, who are advised to wear it due to the underlying medical condition like being bedridden or unable to walk, etc. Following are the 7 best remedies to prevent the adult diaper rashes: -

  1. Changing the diapers often- When the diaper is wet or is soiled, it is recommended to change it rather than keeping it as it is for a longer time. Remaining in the wet condition for a longer time could worsen the rash symptoms. If the person is bedridden or in an unconscious state, then the caregiver should take care of such things and make it sure that the person stays dry for maintaining hygiene and avoiding such infections.

  1. Switching the diaper brands- If a person develops diaper rashes very often, then there is a need to check on the brand being used. This might indicate that the diaper brand is not suitable for the person’s skin and because of this sensitivity the rashes are triggered more. In such cases, it's advised to switch the brand and see the difference.

  1. Apply creams and ointments- There are various creams and ointments available at the pharmacies or groceries to apply on the affected skin area. Asking the doctor before getting it is always good as it can avoid further complications. A thick layer of one of these creams should be applied and allowed to dry. Creams containing Zinc oxide are better and should be looked for while buying.

  1. Avoiding scrubbing the area- Scrubbing the affected area could further irritate the rash and damage the skin more, so the diaper area should be cleaned gently without rubbing it dry. It should be noted that the skin should be cleaned thoroughly before wearing the new diaper.

  1. Allowing the area to breathe- When there are diaper rashes on the skin, then it is advised to stay without a diaper for some time in a day in order to help the affected area to dry out and heal. Allowing the skin cells to breathe and then applying the cream or ointment on it before wearing the diaper can help to minimize the infection.

  1. Making sure that the diaper fits properly- It is necessary to get the right size of diapers as too tight and too loose can cause problems. Diapers being too loose are not comfortable and may dislocate as well. The tight diapers can irritate the skin and cause rashes.

  1. Checking on the diet and the medicines- Some food items and antibiotics may react with the skin while being excreted out in urine or feces. In a normal adult, it does not get much time to stay on the skin to cause any infection as it is quickly flushed away, but it may cause problems with the people wearing diapers. In this case, it is necessary to see the doctor and ask for his/her advice to make changes either in the diet or in the medicines if the rashes are really happening due to the excretion.

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