20 Best Practices To Prepare For The PTE-A Exam At Home

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20 Best Practices To Prepare For The PTE-A Exam At Home

PTE Exam Preparation often leaves the test takers confused and thus many end up only with unauthentic materials over the internet or some depend on the PTE Classes which they are learning from and do not achieve the desired results. There are a few test-takers who differ from all of them, and they take the extra steps of preparing by themselves at their home.

But the question is that how do you go ahead with PTE practice all by yourself at your home?

Preparing for PTE at your home sounds like an option that the other test takers can opt, let us explore how can we do this.

Follow these 20 tips while you practice for PTE at your home:

  1. Get used to the format of the PTE test like knowing which section carries how many tasks, the time that you can devote to each section, to which section do the tasks contribute overall.
  2. Prepare a plan with the same format as the PTE Test.
  3. Work on improving your grammatical skills.
  4. Analyse your communicative skills.
  5. Practice recording your Answers in a loud and clear tone.
  6. Practice writing grammatically correct and logically developed sentences.
  7. Even while practising do not make use of SMS language or short forms; write full sentences.
  8. Maintain physical and mental balance. Do not stress yourself much.
  9. Practice as much as you can, keeping in mind the time management.
  10. Always proof-read your answers.
  11. Do not depend only on the practice materials for practice. At times make use of newspapers, magazine, articles over the internet for the reading section. Use Radio shows, Podcast, TV shows to practice listening.
  12. Develop good vocabulary and avoid usage of repetitive words.
  13. Practice writing the correct spelling for difficult words; as your marks are deducted for wrong ones in the PTE Exam.
  14. Do not be quiet, pause or stop while practising for the speaking section.
  15. For the listening section practice writing as you hear; this will enable you to take the notes in the exam, which will prove to be very useful.
  16. Prepare study plans and list of tips to follow task by task.
  17. Practice answering the questions in the word limit given; especially in the writing section as you are assessed based on this factor.
  18. An easy way to improve your English further is to communicate in the English language; think in English and jot down your points. 
  19. Follow a proper format while answering writing an essay or summarising the text.
  20. Find an isolated spot at your home where you can practice; this will introduce you to the test like environment.

Get timely Expert's Guidance

Apart from following these 20 tips for your PTE practice, you must always make sure to reach out to the experts. The experts will help you analyse your strength and weaknesses and will also help you guide with the right solutions. Further, you can also get professional help to finalise your plan and make any amendments to your plan if needed. You can also get your tests evaluated as per the PTE Exam standards.


By now, you have an idea of how to self-study for the PTE academic exam along with experts guidance that can help you attain success in the PTE Exam.

PTE Self-Study + Expert's Guidance = Success in the PTE Exam.

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