8 Ideas to Design an Eye-catching Exhibition Stand

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8 Ideas to Design an Eye-catching Exhibition Stand

Trade shows are attended by thousands of people and hundreds of exhibitors are vying for their attention. Therefore, it is very difficult to grab the attention of trade show attendees. The best way to capture their attention is to design a unique and eye-catching exhibition stand.

You should also take the help of a renowned exhibition stand UK designer to design an attractive exhibition stand. Though grabbing the attention of your potential customers is not an easy task, therefore, you should do brainstorming and come up with creative ideas to achieve your objectives.

Here, in this blog, we are going to unveil secret ideas to design exhibition stand that can help you to achieve your objectives:

1.  Make Most of Booth Space

The most important thing to consider while designing the exhibition stand is to make the best use of available space. The size of the booth plays a vital role because available space on exhibition space is limited. You should call your event organizer and confirm the exact dimensions of the allocated space. The best way to efficiently utilize the allocated space is to select an open floor plan. Open exhibition display stand allows your booth visitors to freely move inside your booth.

2.  Product Display

Once you have decided on the exhibition stand layout, then the next thing to consider product display. The volume of both visitors is dependent on the style you choose to showcase your products. You should take your product display table out of the booth so that passerby can easily watch your products.

It will generate more interested in booth visitors and they come inside your booth to know more about your products and brand. You should display small size products in the front row and large size products in the last row. Make sure that large size products do not hide the small one.

3.  Stick To Your Brand

No matter how creative and attractive booth you design, you will not able to achieve your objectives unless you stick to your brand. It is very imperative to reflect your brand identity, values, and beliefs while designing your exhibition stand display.

You should think of different ways to integrate your brand identity in your exhibition stand design. Make sure that the trade show attendees can easily recognize your brand by looking at your exhibition stand.

The exhibition stand design incorporated with your brand identity will look unique from your competitors. Also, it helps in gaining the trust of your prospects.

4. Pick A Theme

Though it is not compulsory to design exhibition stand according to a theme, it will help you to beat your competitors and increase footfall inside your booth. A theme-based exhibition stand design makes it easier for you to achieve your trade show objectives.

5. Choose Bold & bright Colors

Colors of the exhibition display also play a vital role in grabbing the attention of trade show attendees. The color choices will help you to stand out among various exhibitors. According to the survey, the successful exhibition stands have bold and bright colors. Always keep in mind that the best color choice will increase the volume of traffic inside your exhibition stand.  You should search for various other exhibition display ideas. 

6. Immersive Experience Of booth Visitors

According to the survey, average trade show attendees will not spend more time inside any exhibition stand unless they find it attractive. Therefore, grabbing the attention of trade show attendees is not enough. You should keep them engaged for a long time. It will increase the conversion rate and help your business to earn more profit. 

You should decorate your booth artistic element. Also, invest in a photo booth so that your prospects love to click their beautiful pictures in your trade booth. You should try to create a memorable experience for your booth visitors.

7. Use Attractive Technology

The exhibition stand without technology can’t help you to stand out during the trade show. You can beat your competitors and all your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, it is important to invest in the latest technology gadgets to make your booth attractive and eye-catching.

You should install a large display screen in your exhibition stand to display dynamic images. The dynamic images are more attractive as compare to the static one. You should also invest in VR technology gadgets to create an immersive experience of your booth visitors.

8. Alluring Lighting Fixtures

The lighting fixture helps you to drag the attention of trade show attendees to the specific section of your booth. The highlighting fixtures can bring your product display in spotlight. You can also use this highlighting fixture to focus the graphic display of your booth.