4 Methods To Create Your Personal Photo Calendar

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4 Methods To Create Your Personal Photo Calendar

Once presented to you last week, the site allows you to create virtual greeting card personalization you, I present to you today the different possibilities available for you to create your photo calendar.

The creation of a personal calendar booming. This is the third media that is most often used after the paper prints and photo books. Just to be convinced to type "personalized photo calendar" in Google and you will find that almost all of the sites offered on the first 2 pages merchant site. To save you from hours of research on the internet, I went on the web for you and present the different solutions available to you.

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Take advantage of the early period of the year for the order because during this period that the manufacturers are launching their campaign. Price is about the same from one site to another and ranged from 10 to 60 € (price shown does not take into account the current promotion).

1. Creation of an online calendar directly on the site.

You go to a site, and then, after selecting the calendar template and graphic charter, you have to do is put your text and upload your photos.


create calendars is quick and easy.

No special software is needed (perfect for novice computer).

very competitive prices (because of strong competition).

Paid calendar:

There is something for all prices and for all tastes.

Vistaprint.fr: 5 calendar models are available (desktop, magnets, posters, wallets, and cards). Interesting if you have multiple copies to make. From € 8:49.

Mypix.com: 10 different models available. From € 12.90.

Photoservice.com: 2 models to choose from (wall or desk calendar). From € 11:44.

Photobox.fr: 8 calendar models to choose from. From € 9.95.

Votrecalendrier.com: it is the first site to have launched such products. Therefore it is normal that it is the one that offers the widest selection of creations. From € 14.90.

Pixum.fr: many options available. From € 9.99

Photoways.com:This site is strictly identical to the Photobox. It is, therefore, offer the same product. From € 9.90

kodakgallery.fr: manufacture of wall calendars only. From € 12.99.

Photostation.fr:2 options possible (wall or office). From € 13.

iprinty.fr: many products that are less than € 1 (provided you order in bulk). At this price, it is less complicated than the previous site. Note that these sites also offer similar products by competitors.

Tiragesphotos.fnac.com:from € 5.90.

Photoweb.fr: from € 1.99 for one page of the calendar.

Planet-photo.com: 4 and 6 models stand calendar wall calendar available. From € 9.90.

Carteland.com:pocket calendar offers at € 0.50 and a more complex calendar with a starting price of € 11.


Ideecadeauphoto.com:note that these sites offer free models. Other products are from € 15.

Smartphoto.fr: from € 9.95.

Girafoto.fr: from € 10.99 to elaborate calendars and € 2.99 for the calendar in A4 format

Free calendar

Bonjourlesenfants.net: 1 a very simple model

Calendargratuit.fr: 6 models to choose from. Upload your photo and voila!

2. Creation of a calendar of the software provided by the photographer or commercial sites.

You download the software or you get them from your photographer then you calmly make your calendar at home.


a wider selection of personalized online creation directly.

easier to return to work in the process to modify it.

software is as easy to use as online

Disadvantages: I have not found anything that is compatible with Mac ...

Picthema (for PC)

Monalbumphoto.fr (for PC)

3. Create a calendar of your photo editing software.

You may not know it, but a lot of photo editing software offers photo-making auto-calendar functions.

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