Presentation of the host Dhaka colo

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 Presentation of the host Dhaka colo

Service overview

It has concentrated all its efforts on a single and unique offer of unlimited accommodation called "The World by Dhaka colo". You understood: this multi-site and unlimited offer is meant to be exhaustive and universal.
Successful bet? This is what we will discover by diving into the Dhaka colo universe. Hang your belts!

Web hosting


It saves you time before we are even a customer! No need to be advised about the most suitable offer. The formula of the unique offer of unlimited web hosting is, from this point of view, of a formidable efficiency.

Here are the essential characteristics of the web hosting offer:
•    Unlimited disk space: you don't have to worry about the space occupied by your files, it always worries less.
•    The free domain name for life: the registration of the domain name is included in the price. The domain will remain active and free as long as web hosting is renewed.
    The unlimited number of websites: you can host as many websites as you want on a single colocation services providers in Bangladesh, which can be very interesting, both from a practical and economical point of view.
•    Unlimited transfer: no traffic limit for your site, which is nowadays rather classic for all hosts.
•    24/7 support: very significant, especially since it is provided in BD, by email and live chat.
This web hosting offer is very complete in terms of functionality. Developers will certainly find their happiness there, with several versions of PHP to choose from, Ruby, Python, Perl or even the very prominent NodeJS. The databases are also unlimited, to choose from MariaDB (MySQL compatible) and PostgreSQL.

In terms of hosting security, It protects its network with Anti-DDoS and has also deployed Anti-Malware protection capable of detecting malicious code in your files and emails. Of course and like almost all web hosts, Dhaka colo also provides free SSL certificates (partner Let's Encrypt) to secure all of your URLs (access by HTTPS and small padlock in the browser). Finally, Dhaka colo guarantees a backup of your data every 12 hours to another remote datacenter.
The Dhaka colo hosting offer also includes professional email with the unlimited number of emails, customizable size of email accounts, automatic responder, spam and malware filter, access by Webmail as well as by your favourite email client ( Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail from MacOS, iPhone, Android ..)
At the application level, more than 180 CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop ...) are available in 1 click, as well as a SiteBuilder (online site creator) which allows you to create a unique website quickly and for free, through a simple user interface and with no technical knowledge required. Free professional themes are available.


The unique The World by Dhaka colo offer is offered at a rate of 5 € HT per month (6 € TTC), payable in advance over 12 months, or 72 € TTC per year all-inclusive (domain name included). There are no hidden fees. If you wish, it is possible to commit to a longer period (24/36 months) to benefit from a more advantageous rate (respectively € 5.50 and € 5 incl. Tax per month).
If you still hesitate, know that the offer is provided with a guarantee "Satisfied or Refunded" for 14 days. Be aware however that some hosts do not hesitate to extend this guarantee to 30 days, which is even more comfortable and leaves more time to get a notice from the host.

Exclusive immediate 10% discount

By coming from Hebergeurs.TOP, you get an immediate 10% discount on your order. You have nothing to do, click on a link to Dhaka colo from our site, place your order and you should see the 10% reduction appear in your basket. If not, enter the promo code "PHA-top" in the appropriate box on the order form.


It underlines all the care taken to optimize the performance of its web hosting. Thus, each accommodation has as standard:
•    8 vCPU and 16 GB RAM per hosting: this is a resource pool allocated to your web hosting. The originality of Dhaka colo is to allow you to distribute these resources between your different sites if you have several. So each site can have its resources, and you can assign more power to one of your sites.
•    100% isolated multi-sites: for each site, you can decide in which datacentre in Dhaka Bangladesh, you wish to host it, as well as on which infrastructure. This allows you to distribute your sites well between several servers and thus limit your risks by avoiding putting all your eggs in one basket.

VIP option 2 € / month

This recent option from Dhaka colo can significantly boost the performance of your web hosting, provided that your application is compatible (see below). If you are using one of these apps, you should seriously consider the VIP option:

•    LiteSpeed Enterprise: it is a high-performance web server (alternative to the classic Apache webserver). Accommodations with the VIP option, therefore, have the LiteSpeed server. Most importantly, they can use the LiteSpeed Cache (LS Cache).
•    LiteSpeed Cache (LS Cache): LSCache is one of the most powerful tools for the cache on the market. Unlike the other solutions available, the latter has the advantage of being integrated directly into the webserver. Thus, it can offer you better performance than other solutions since it can optimize the processing of your website from A to Z. Also, to manage LSCache, a free plugin is available for most CMSs: WordPress, Joomla !, Prestashop, OpenCart, Drupal, XenForo, Magento, MediaWiki. It is easy to use and very efficient.

Dhaka colo, therefore, released heavy artillery in terms of performance, especially with the VIP option and the possibility of using LiteSpeed Cache. Moreover, the 8 vCPU and 16 GB of RAM allocated to each hosting should already be enough to host the vast majority of websites under excellent conditions.
Finally, be aware that it is possible at any time to transform your standard World accommodation into WorldLS (VIP option) by contacting Dhaka colo support.