5 Ways to Avoid Animal Emergency in Summer

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5 Ways to Avoid Animal Emergency in Summer

As the mercury rises and the surroundings heat up, our four legged best friends take some time to adjust to the warmer temperatures. It does not require an excessively high temperature to put dogs at a health risk. Their method of cooling out by panting is inefficient and may often lead them to succumb to heat strokes.

The Top 5 Ways You Can Make Your Pet stay Healthy This Summer

Listed below are 5 pet friendly ways to be kept in mind to avoid an animal emergency clinic trip in the summer and to let you hum "We are going on a summer holiday" in an anxiety free mind.

  • Map in mind-

Be cautious and careful to know the nearby animal clinics if you are on vacation to some country cottage. To avoid cases of hyperthermia in pets, keep them indoors and let them stay in cool, shady areas. Plan precariously and make your vacation enjoyable for your family and four legged friend.

  • Of Water and Virus-

Who doesn't enjoy a hoppipola? We all become peevishly mirthful to jump and jig in a pool of water right? So do our dogs love to frolic in puddles of water. Be careful to avoid stagnant water bodies in humid areas with high temperature and heavy downpour. They are the breeding grounds of some lethal virus like Leptospira, that may plague your dog with fatal Leptospiroris. However, if detected early and with proper medication, recovery is possible.

  • Effective Hydration-

Routines can get dismantled during long vacations and your pet dog's hydration may get neglected. Water is too essential an element for the proper functioning of a mammalian body to be neglected, especially during the hot summers. Even on vacations, keep bowls of water scattered around to ensure your furry friend's hydration is not being neglected.

Hydration is essential for your four-legged companion. Carry enough water to keep them sufficiently hydrated. Ensure that they are not drinking from stagnant pools and puddles of water. Be armed with sufficient food to keep the energy level of your pets high. Carry light nutrient rich snacks to feed your pet frequently but avoid overstuffing them before a walk.

  • Never ever leave your dogs in the car alone.

Left in the sweltering heat, your car acts like a greenhouse trapping the heat within. This meteorically upshoots the temperature within the car. Even if you leave the air cooling on, it would not do much to keep the temperature inside the car low. The furry body of your pet keeps it warm and if locked in the car kept in sunshine, it dramatically increases the risk of a heat stroke. Also take care to notice the temperature of the path on which your dog is walking. To avoid their paws from being burnt, stick to grassy, shady and cool areas during the early morning and late evenings, when the temperature cools down.

  • Ingesting Unwanted Stuff-

Even after taking sufficient precautions, you may have to rush to the veterinary clinic for your pet dog if he gulps down wild plants, twigs, mushrooms and the likes. They might even be affected if they gulp down insects who are poisoned by the venom spewed by the toads that teem the marshy areas in humid weather.

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