A Complete & Handy manual for logo designing in 2019

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A Complete & Handy manual for logo designing in 2019

Don't fret! This handy guide will teach you everything you need to know to design the perfect logo for you and your business. From defining your brand's identity and understanding what makes a great logo, to making the right design choices and navigating the design process, read on to learn how to design a logo.

Here are the most important steps to designing a logo

Not a single brand exists without a logo in this era. Sometimes we wonder why it is so important to have a logo. Well, it is a major component of business strategy, particularly for digital branding purposes. A perfect logo is always being the reason for customer attraction and appreciation. So obviously it is necessary to have an extraordinary logo. Let's discuss how you can get it.

Don't bother! In this blog, we try to cover each aspect that you understand to design the outstanding logo for your digital needs. The most significant thing is to describe the motto or identity perspective, you need to be clear about decisions and processes. So start from how to design.

 Be clear why you need a logo, and why it looks amazing

So you're now focusing business to the new level, it is like socializing when you attract potential customers and want to make sure they fell in love with your brand. So consider your logo at this level and think it as your profile picture. The perfect reason to show affection and interest for your brand is your product and the persona you designed.  

A logo is such an important aspect of your business, you need to keep trying for creating it best out of it. Compose all your branding material that you want to be imposing on the logo. It will represent you on the website, stationery and visiting card. Retain every count at this moment, a professional logo is not only capable to represent your vision but creates the first impression that lasts longer and sets your brand standard.

Describe your brand personality

Your logo speaks your brand as a person, so you need to make it taught, in order to do that, find out some questions like! What is the reason behind services/brands, what are the core values of that brand, what the relation of the product with consumers is, or what will be the inspirational design?  

Once you got these facts it will an easy task for you to design a logo with a clear idea of what are you going to make, the outcome will be unique and blend of different choices that accompany the complete picture.

Check out your rivalry

There are hundreds of places you can get an idea about design. But being a professional logo designer you need to focus your competitor on first sight, your aim is not to copy or steal ideas but to create something that fights against them. Do not design something which is already out, work with emotional context with consumers and other similar brands.

Select your design flair

By this stage everything must be crystal clear about brand and inspiration behind the company, it's a job time lets translate the concept you build into the design. Now it's a different game you need to play with different combinations like font, color and lines these components are related to typography. When you isolate all of them it will create a brand new design. Remember all of these stages must be followed step by step don't get excited otherwise you lose the track and designed something messy.

Catch the accurate type of logo

So by this phase, you need to learn the basic types of logos, you can create a logo from 7 different types. However, choose the one which is suitable for your brand and looks perfect with a company motto or services.

Pay consideration for coloring

Colors have plenty of meaning. Most colors are complex to understand but according to psychology dark color has more vibrant effects. Choose your color wisely because color demonstrates the emotion and ideas of your brand. It is recommended to learn color theory to utilize them in a more efficient way.

Now you have a brand new logo, it is only created with the help of basic understanding and provided branding material. Be smart enough because a logo can be different when the requirement is different like sometimes it is specific for packaging or stationary. Most of the time professional logos designers are required for web design as it needs the standard tone, style, font, and color theme.