6 Instagram Marketing Trends that You Must Follow in 2020

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6 Instagram Marketing Trends that You Must Follow in 2020

We all know that in the digital market, changes are consistent. Social media is always improving and developing, whether it be social media demographics, new trends, and memes, or new algorithm updates.

To help you, we guide you about the few Instagram trends to stay on top in 2020. 

1. IGTV becomes a central platform

IGTV becomes a central platform for marketers. When IGTV start, it was not clear how he performed or what it would bring to marketers. However, after some changes and updates to Instagram, IGTV is still active and well to grow in 2020.

First, Instagram added an IGTV tab to explore page navigation, giving users the option to find interesting videos and popular content creators.

Apart from, Instagram also added the option of IGTV videos previews in the user’s regular feed, encouraging people to find accounts to follow, which are creating long-form video content. All you have to do is toggle on the button when you publish a video on IGTV.

Not only this but also landscaped video makes it easier to share the existing video.

So, all of this means to your brand that you should surely think of adding IGTV to your Instagram marketing strategy in 2020.


Ideas to use IGTV:

  • To reach your content to a maximum of people, share your existing video content, and add it in a landscape format.

  • Make vertical videos, especially for IGTV.

  • Make a series on IGTV that your viewers will like.

  • Share previews of your IGTV videos to your feed to reach more viewers.


2. Instagram Stories

Since the creation in 2016, Instagram stories have been growing fast, reaching 500 million daily active users.

Instagram makes it simpler to share your stories with more and more people by adding the option to share all of your Instagram stories to Facebook automatically, so your friends and followers can view them as well.

This feature available for both personal and business Instagram profiles, and it’s a great feature to promote your content and engage the audience on Instagram.

Instagram also add multi-photo layout collages in stories.


Ideas to use Instagram Stories:

  • Share your Instagram content on your Facebook Page.

  • Get the help from the tools inside Stories

  • Once you touch 10k followers, begin linking to your website content continues to increase traffic.

3. Produce revenue through Instagram Shopping

If you have an online shop, You can produce income through the Instagram shopping feature. Instagram added so many features to improve the shopping on it, like tag products in your posts, stories, and even check out and complete the entire purchase on Instagram. Shopping tab on Instagram’s explore page, make it even more accessible for users to find products to purchase.

Ideas to use Instagram Shopping feature:

  • Tag a product in Instagram post or Story.

  • Enable the checkout option in the app so your followers can buy from you on Instagram.

  • Include the promotion of your products into your Instagram feed.

4. Find more content in the Explore tab

Instagram makes it easier for users to find new accounts to follow, which is a great thing for business. More than 200 million people visit the Explore tab daily; it helps your brand visible to more people.

Ideas to use the Explore tab:

  • Post your content on Instagram at the right times.

  • Directly interact with users.

5. Create Interactive content on Instagram

Instagram stories have features like polls, quizzes, questions. Use Instagram stories to interact with your audience directly. Also, add a location to your posts, use hashtags, and mentions.

Ideas to create interactivity:

  • Create a poll or question sticker to know your viewer’s opinions

  • Test your viewer’s knowledge with a quiz

  • Let your viewer’s join a private Q&A chat

6. Authenticity in Instagram Content

Instagram is becoming more about real-life what things are looking in real life. If you want to become more popular, share pictures that are near to nature. Also, share behind the scenes content. Focus more on connecting with your audience. Start including content like memes and tweets.

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