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Even though it might not have as much "pull" as Korean producers, the Japanese firm Panasonic keeps on propelling great TVs. Particularly when we talk about models situated in the high range. As the new Panasonic FZ950 demonstrates, a 4K OLED TV that accomplishes amazing picture quality. A TV price in Bangladesh that shows up ready to turn into an extreme opponent for the Samsung Q9F, the Sony AF8, the LG OLED E8 or the Philips OLED 973. Also, as we will see now, contentions are not lacking. 

Notwithstanding incredible picture quality, it has amazing sound gratitude to the bar planned by Technics. It likewise sports a delightful glass plan with premium completions. Furthermore, there is no absence of a Smart TV framework that, while not as complete as that of its adversaries, offers most of the utilizations that clients are searching for. This with a genuinely focused value, continually recollecting that we are discussing very good quality gadgets. I have had the chance to test the 65-inch model of the Panasonic FZ950 and in this examination, I disclose to all of you its insider facts. 


n the off chance that you are adherents of the Japanese maker, the plan of the Panasonic FZ950 is well-known to you. Furthermore, this new model follows a similar line we found in the Panasonic EZ1000 a year ago. 

We start at the front. We have a board with essentially imperceptible edges between the four sides. In the lower part, we have a couple of millimetres edges, in which the brand logo is found. There is no uncertainty that the screen is a fundamental hero. 

We have tried Panasonic FZ950 bar detail 

A job that offers with the gigantic soundbar that we have at the base. This is put on the help, truly, since the establishment comprises of essentially "dropping it". The soundbar is associated with the TV utilizing a little exceptional link that, when connected, goes unnoticed. 

We have tried Panasonic FZ950 bolster detail 

To put the TV on the furniture we have platform support. The "neck" that interfaces this help with the board is very thick and sports a matte dark shading. You can see nothing since it is nearly holed up behind the soundbar. This help is more extensive than a year ago's model, I comprehend that to give some greater security to the entirety. In all actuality, the TV is superbly situated on the furnishings. At no time gives the sentiment of shakiness. 

We have tried Panasonic FZ950 back 

At the back, as is common for OLED TVs, we recognize two particular parts. The top looks a wonderful dark glass finish, premium. Be that as it may, the base is to some degree less brilliant. 

We have tried the Panasonic FZ950 profile 

In it we discover the zone of ​​electronics, so get fat. We will be around 5 centimetres thick. The lodging is plastic, with an unpleasant touch to the touch. The force connector is on the correct side (taking a gander at the TV before the screen) and the remainder of the connectors are on the contrary side. 


We have tried Panasonic FZ950 connectors 

The last is secured by a spread to conceal them. Yet, here I should make a stop. While evacuating the spread we have every one of the connectors that we have audited in the information sheet. In any case, just some are put evenly. The rest are put in a frontal position, which implies that on the off chance that we need to utilize them, the spread can never again be put on. It is something I don't comprehend, since the possibility of ​​the spread is a great idea to have a cleaner back, yet pointless when we have a few gadgets to associate with the TV. 

In a parallel organization, we have two HDMI ports, a USB port and tuners. The remainder of the associations, for example, the significant system association or the advanced optical yield, are in the front position. For instance, for my situation, I couldn't put the spread, since I needed to utilize 3 HDMI ports. 

What's more, discussing the HDMI connectors, I need to give Panasonic another "contact". Of the four HDMI ports, just HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 have full transmission capacity. I'm not catching this' meaning? For my situation, for instance, that when I associated the PS4 Pro to HDMI 3, I didn't perceive the HDR in games. With the exasperating certainty that the ARC port is absolutely HDMI 2. Since we just have two "full" HDMI, they could have put the ARC convention on one more of the HDMI ports. This, which by and by disappointed me somewhat, most clients may not be influenced at all. However, you should know to consider. 

We have tried Panasonic FZ950 controls 

At long last remark that the Panasonic FZ950 accompanies two controls included. The first is a finished order, perhaps truly outstanding in the market. It has an extremely exquisite metallic completion, direct fastens to the most widely recognized administrations and a particular catch to enlighten the keys, something that I have not found in some other model. 

The subsequent order, be that as it may, isn't exorbitantly helpful. It is an increasingly minimized, albeit very thick, control that has an enormous focal touchpad. It's anything but a too ergonomic control and, truly, the touch control has not filled in true to form. It is fairly uncertain and at last, it repays to utilize the bolt keys rather than the touch part. 


Before entering to survey the picture quality that the TV accomplishes, we will audit the specialized attributes of the Panasonic FZ950. We have a 10-piece OLED board with a 4K UHD goals of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. 

We have tried Panasonic FZ950 specialized attributes 

The TV is furnished with the second era HCX processor. This is fit for working with HDR10 and HLG pictures yet also with the HDR10 + dynamic metadata framework. It isn't good with Dolby Vision, as Panasonic is one of the main organizations that supports the HDR10 + framework. 

The Panasonic FZ950 has Search Tables (LUT) with more layers, which converts into more noteworthy exactness in shading the executives. Likewise, these tables are currently powerful. That is, the TV modifies the hues dependent on the luminance of the picture shown on the screen. 

Panasonic has been demanding for certain years that its TVs show the picture as made by content makers. For this, as indicated by the producer, its top of the line models have been balanced by Hollywood specialists. Along these lines, considering, for the tests I utilized the picture modes remembered for the TV, with no alteration. 


We have tried Panasonic FZ950 bunch picture quality 

Imagen 4K HDR 

What's more, since we comprehend what this TV "has inside", we should perceive how this converts into picture quality. I make a little spoiler: the picture quality accomplished by the Panasonic FZ950 is noteworthy. The photos don't do it equity. 

We have many picture modes accessible, however by and by I have done practically every one of the tests shifting back and forth between the THX Cinema Day and THX Cinema Night modes. I have likewise utilized Real Cinema, fundamentally the same as THX Cinema Night. 

We have tried Panasonic FZ950 dark picture quality 

To start with, the degree of blacks is eminent. The facts demonstrate that all OLED TVs have an amazing dark level, however, Panasonic has made it a stride further. Get some extremely dull scenes are progressively characterized and the picture has somewhat less clamour than other OLED models. 

At the furthest edge, we have the brilliance. As indicated by Panasonic, the FZ950 has a most extreme brilliance of 1,000 nits, a genuinely high figure for an OLED TV. In all actuality when review pictures I have not seen a lot of distinction with OLED TVs from different producers. Be that as it may, it is sufficient to sit in front of the TV in splendid conditions. 

We have tried Panasonic FZ950 coco picture quality 

The remarked expanded LUT tables are seen when working with hues. Panasonic will, in general, organize the most genuine picture over the most stunning picture, much the same as Sony does. In this manner, the hues demonstrated are wonderful, without unreasonable immersion, with an exceptionally characteristic tone. 

This does, stays somewhat breathtaking, over the long haul it is greatly improved. Something comparative happens to what we find in the present mobiles. Computer-based intelligence frameworks will, in general, immerse hues to get all the more striking pictures. In any case, truly we have less genuine pictures, in which components, for example, the blue of the sky or the green of the grass show a stunning shading. The Panasonic FZ950 decides to show an increasingly practical, less immersed picture, which is refreshing when you utilize the TV for quite a while. 

We have tried the Panasonic FZ950 robot picture quality 

Full HD picture from Blu-Ray 

The treatment of moving pictures is likewise magnificent. I have not recognized any sort of disappointment in quick scenes or sports. Then again, we have a sharp picture, both in 4K films and in pictures with Full HD goals. 

It is equivalent to I remarked with the shading. Panasonic picks nuance, with an awesome sharpness however without getting over the top, counterfeit. I have likewise discovered that the TV works superbly of scaling with DTT pictures, with a much clearer picture than that seen on different models. 

We have tried Panasonic FZ950 DTT picture quality 

DTT Image 

At last, no issue with the review points. OLED innovation by and by exhibits that it is perfect if we will have onlookers situated in a place that is escaped the screen. From any edge, we will have a similar picture quality, without loss of immersion or brilliance. 


How about we presently talk about the sound. The Panasonic FZ950 is furnished with a Dynamic Blade soundbar. This has been balanced by Technics, the sound expert part of Panasonic. 

Inside this sound framework, we have no under 12 speakers, which permits to accomplish incredible sound. It is an incredible framework that offers dynamic and all around adjusted sound. Get clear exchanges in programs and solid bass in motion pictures and arrangement.