7 Important Reasons Why You Need A Diaper Bag

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7 Important Reasons Why You Need A Diaper Bag

As a mother or a mom to be, you probably already surfing through the internet to find what you might need to embrace the motherhood.

For a first time mom, it could be overwhelming, but there are some things that can make your life easier, and one of them is... diaper bag!

Let's find out about why you need a diaper bag and other tips and trick about it!

What is Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a bag specialized made to hold all of the baby essentials items such as diapers, toys, blanket, clothes, wipes, snacks, and even bottle!

Heading out with your little one might require a lot of preparations. By using a diaper bag you will help yourself and your loved ones to keep it all organized.

Type Of Diaper Bag

Based on the parent.guide.com, basically there are:

  • Traditional diaper bags. They have many pockets and compartments both inside and outside. It is super practical if you carry many supplies. But just like the name, it is traditional and not so fashionable.
  • Messenger diaper bags. They are easy to organize because they have lots of pockets. The cross body strap also offers support for your body. The style is neutral for man or woman to use. But the designated pockets might make it less versatile.
  • Tote diaper bags. This type of bags are fashionable and can be used for work and daily life. But keep in mind that they usually don't have a lot of interior organization like compartments and many of them don't offer dad-friendly design. If you choose to pick this type, you should consider buying a removable organizer to make it more efficient.
  • Backpack diaper bags. This type of bags will balance evenly on both of your shoulders, so you don't need to worry about having a sore in either one of your hand. They also come with many compartments. Some even have laptop/tablet pocket. The downside is using a backpack will be less accessible than a tote or messenger bag, because you have to take it off to reach it. And if you plan to babywearing, it might be harder to move.
  • Clutches diaper bags. This type of bags can only contain a couple of diapers and wipes. Some come with a small strap that can be put around the wrist to prevent you from dropping it. The downside is, they can't hold many other essential baby items such as a pacifier, bottle or snacks.

Why You Need A Diaper Bag

Here are the 7 reasons why you should consider buying a diaper bag:

  1. It has better support/straps rather than ordinary bag and purses. You don’t want to get sore or pains after each time you bring your baby essentials.
  2. It has many compartments. You can store diapers, pacifier, toys, and your personal things without worrying where to find your keys or receipts. They offer plenty of space!
  3. It has extra features that ordinary bags don’t have. Such as bottle pockets. They come in two types, the ordinary bottle pocket, and an insulated bottle pocket. While both of them have the same function to hold your baby bottle, the insulated pocket is designed using an aluminum layer to keep your baby bottle warm. There is nothing worse than a screaming baby and you can't find the bottle.
  4. It is super practical. You can take care of your baby mess on the go. Some brands offer baby wipe pocket that will help you pick a wipe quickly without having to open the diaper bags
  5. It is stylish. Haven't you see how cool a diaper bag is? Many brands offer a diaper bag that doesn't even look like a diaper bag!
  6. Easy to clean. Diaper bags are specialized made to be near babies, so they are often made from materials that can easily be clean. You may want to avoid using ordinary bags with material like suede because they stain easily and hard to clean! Some brands are machine washable, some even waterproof.
  7. It is super useful. Some brands offer extra features such as hooks that can be hung on to your stroller, built in diaper change pad that makes it easier for you to change your baby diaper.

How To Choose Diaper Bag

There are several things you need to consider before buying a diaper bag:


Consider how much amount of space you need. You can start by making a list of items that you want to carry. Remember you want to carry enough baby gear for a full day out. And this includes your things also. If you are having twins, you should choose a larger diaper bags.


Consider you, your husband or other people that will carry the bag. If they have any medical condition that makes them unable to carry a heavy object or if they don't want to put more pressure to specific shoulder, you should consider the size of the bag and the straps designs.


Consider the material other than the style, you might want to choose a diaper bag that is washable by machine. This way, you won't have a hard time trying to clean it. The breathability of the material also matters, because sometimes your diaper bag might hold smelly objects, and you better choose a diaper bag that can hold the smell until you get home.


Consider choosing a diaper bag that has a lighter color on the inside, because it will be easier to locate your baby gear. A neutral color makes your husband, brother or dad can carry it for you.


Consider choosing a diaper bag with a latch that is reliable. You don't want all the items spilling around on the ground. There are several latches such as a zipper, strap with clip, velcro, and magnetic clasp. You might want to choose what's best for you. Based on the ultimate parent guide, each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a zipper can hold your diaper bag no matter how full your bag is, but the downside that it might get stuck or run off its track.

Strap with clip is easy to open but hard to close.

Velcro can be easily open, but it might be not secure enough.

The magnetic clasp is easy to open and close, but you might have trouble closing it when your diaper bag is overpack.

What To Put In Your Diaper Bag

For Newborn Babies

In case you are preparing for the big day, the list of items you have to put in diaper bags are slightly different than the ordinary one.

Here is the list:

For the baby

  • Blanket. You might want to bring a clean and soft blanket for your newborn just in case the hospital blankets are not very soft.
  • Newborn clothes. Bring clothes for your newborn to wear when he/she gets home.
  • Burp Cloths. It might be useful when your baby spits up.
  • Wipes
  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Bottle. If you plan to bottle-feed with formula, put it inside the bottle.
  • Baby powder
  • Bum cream

For you

  • Your Essentials. Don't forget to bring something to wear after labor, and when you got home. It is recommended to bring comfort shirt. It is includes
  • shirt
  • Nursing bra
  • Disposable underwear
  • Sanitary pads
  • Socks
  • Toiletry

Basic Things You Need In Your Diaper Bag

  • Diapers. If you are not sure how much to pack, pack one for ever hour you will be out and it's not hurt to bring an extra one. At least bring 4 diapers. Remember younger babies need more diaper than older babies.
  • Wipes and tissues. Choose a travel size and make sure to have plenty of it.
  • Diaper cream. It is used when your baby suffers from a rash or sore bottom.
  • Wet bag for soiled diapers and clothes
  • Change of clothes. Pack a shirt, pants, undershirt, and socks, you never know when you will need them.
  • Feeding accessories such as bib and burp cloth. It is good for wipe face and spits up. Choose cloth that is soft and well-absorb. Choose the one with ties or hook to easy use.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bottles (with breastmilk or formula). If you use formula, bring a bottle with dry formula already inside it.
  • Emergency snacks. This is for older babies and toddlers. You can bring finger foods. To prevent leaks, use resealable plastic bags.
  • Blanket. Roll them up to safe space. It can be used for nursing covers or as a shield from the heat/cold and bugs. Choose a lightweight blanket.
  • Portable changing mat. If your diaper bag doesn't have a built-in feature. Choosing a water-resistant mat will make you clean up quicker.
  • Favorite toys/books or other comfort objects. It might come handy to have your little one favorite toy when they are bored or need to be consoled.
  • You and your loved one essentials such as phone, wallet, and keys
  • Seasonal items such as sunscreen, bug spray, jacket and hat
  • Your essentials (if you don't carry separate bag). Such as a wallet, keys, cellphone, and an extra shirt.

Diaper Bag Tips And Tricks

These are some tips you might find useful in the future:

Keep things minimal, because the more you pack, the harder it will be to keep organized.

Store pacifiers in a baby food container, you don't want it to be contaminated

Use a wet bag for soiled clothes and diapers

You can use a different color of pouches and color code them for easy finding

Make different kits and pack them when you need them. For example summer kit that contains sunscreen, sun hat, bug spray.

Using a sample size will save up some space


When choosing a diaper bag, consider what's best for you and your family because it might be your constant essential for the next few years. Choose what's right for your style and comfort.

Try before you buy to find the most comfortable and stylish diaper bag for you and your loved ones. Happy Shopping!