Movie Photography: Technique, Fabric, Development, Print

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Movie Photography: Technique, Fabric, Development, Print

Are you new to film pictures and need to recognize how to shoot from the print? Do you already take film images but want to enhance your practice?

Whatever your stage in film photography, Gildas Lepetit-Castel's manual will assist you:

Select your material,

Optimize the taking pictures,

Increase your movies,

Experiment or print them,

Manipulate yours attracts.

Why film photography?

Gildas Lepetit-Castel is a photographer and trainer of photography in "  a faculty of digital advent on the slicing fringe of technology ". And but, as he likes to say, he offers daily information to many younger photographers who need to understand greater approximately the films, the shooting, the improvement, and the silver print.

Some distance from being a step again in front of digital, I assume, like the author of this manual, that movie photography is nowadays a niche in which a few people discover themselves to exercise pictures in another way.

The film image isn't always useless, a long way from it. However, it's far traumatic and it's miles important to recognize the basics to attain the anticipated consequences. That is the situation of this manual which today refers.

Which film camera to select?

Allow's start at the start: which film camera to use to start as to move further?

You'll find out that the choice stays very vast, from the simple compact to the medium layout via the reflex, without forgetting the huge-format room. The benefit of analog photography is that you can get a very good variety of second-hand professional and professional cameras at unbeatable prices, no common measure with digital.

A number of the fashions listed within the manual, Nikonists will recognize finding the:

Nikon 28 and 35 Ti,

Nikkormat FTN ( dear to Bernard Plossu ),

Nikon FM-10 ( all manual ),

Nikon F6 ( ultimate expert model of the F film line ).

This chapter is supplemented by way of an interview with the photographer Martin Bogren who practices the 1/2-format, you will find out what it is (in addition to a few staggering pix).

The argentic photo exhibition

Some reminders of the basics of the exhibition are sufficient to get you commenced, film pictures aren't any unique from digital in terms of exposure.

Discover, but, what the Schwarzschild effect ( long exposure ) is, the price of bracketing and - primarily - using density and shade filters (ND) and very useful in black and white.

You'll additionally learn how to adjust the sensitivity of a movie, push it or preserve it consistent with your creative dreams and the to be had mild.

Which movie to use in the film?

The movie is inside the movie what the photo control and other simulations of movies (!) Are in the virtual. Deciding on a film is therefore now not a trivial act, it contributes "  to the cloth and the rendering of the final image ".

This bankruptcy takes you to find out the movies available today, there are more than you may assume:

Black and white films,

Coloration movies,

Reversible ( or high-quality movie for slides ),

Special movies.

The author additionally presents the exceptional film formats that you can use, the choice is likewise crucial:

Film a hundred thirty-five,

Movie 120,

Film a hundred and ten,

Aircraft film.

A number of those films are available using the meter, which permits you to make your own 135 reels of forty-two views as an instance.

I mainly preferred the richness of the tables offering the very designated characteristics of the main cutting-edge movies, as well as the interview with Lomig Perrotin who's to this point the smallest producer of films in the world.

How to increase a movie

Find out the magic of movie improvement, an operation that you may do at domestic without having to invest an excessive amount of (some tens of euros for black and white).

This lengthy chapter information all the improvement operations for black and white and color film films. You'll discover the diverse stages and the suitable accessories there, in addition to the development charters for the primary Kodak and Ilford films.

The way to digitize movie

You don't need to invest in the silver print in the lab? Why not scan your films the usage of a scanner to work in your laptop photographs?

You'll learn how to pick out a scanner ( the principle fashions are precise ) and the way to correct the installation of the scanning software program to attain the first-class consequences.

The interview with Guillaume Geneste of the Los Angeles Chambre Noire lab sheds extra mild at the digitization of a movie and the associated processing opportunities.

The film lab

If it's miles the film lab that tempts you, right here is something to meet your expectancies. Discover what the dry and wet areas of the lab are, what device you want, what lighting fixtures.

The enlarger is at the coronary heart of the movie lab, the author details the primary models to be had more without problems now once in a while than new (!). The objectives are not forgotten, they significantly contribute to the result.

Learn how to select the counting tool, the feeder, the multigrade filters, the focusing magnifier like the cuvettes, the clamps, the thermometer, and other crucial add-ons.

You'll need a full-fledged ebook to go over the selection and use of a movie lab, however, this guide lists the whole thing you need to know to get started. You can whole the studying with the work of Philippe Bachelier that's a wonderful supplement.

The black and white print

“  Nothing can replace a photograph that you may hold on your hands or that you could installed a body so that it will share it. ". The practice of film photography cannot prevent development, the print takes all its significance because it allows finalizing the process, to create the very last assist ( it's also actual in digital! ).

You choose the paper to deliver a man or woman to the photograph taken:

RC or Facebook,

Graded or multigrade,




Choosing paper is a science that you must grasp and you will discover in this chapter 7 the entirety you need to understand to carry out your research.

The printing supposes the usage of chemistry, it is one of the pleasures of the film ( the smell inside the lab… ). The writer takes an excursion of the goods to get:


Prevent bathtub,


Washing aid,



The primary references are noted, I'd have liked to discover extra for merchandise along with the bend, but they're now not legions both.

Before making your prints, you will make a contact sheet. The contact sheet is used for editing and reproduces in one of a kind codecs the one of a kind views of a film. It's far an essential running tool in film, as in digital for that count.

Gildas lepetit-Castel suggests you the way to make a touch sheet and the following image print:

The essential system (a contactor),

Paper publicity (check tip),

Paper development,

Figuring out the proper exposure time,

The production of the contact sheet.

But because you need to go through the technique and shoot your photographs, also find out:

The studying print,

The exhibition print,


The selection of paper,

The choice of chemistry,

The shift and conservation,

Checking the negative and cleansing it,



The transplant,

The presentation,

The conservation of the final test.

7 detailed silver prints

To finish your mastering of analog pictures, right here are 7 exhibition prints reviewed using the author who can provide to you:

The drawing technique,

The technique of evaluation.

Nothing like seeing the warning signs given by the photographer to the shooter (himself or a professional shooter) to reach the very last image. Each of the seven prints is analyzed and the writer tells you why he's considering such or such an exhibition, the make-up and the choice of paper.

The silver color print

The silver coloration print calls for a much extra complex procedure than that of black and white, and the writer rightly reminds you that earlier than you start you have to think about the advisability of doing it. But if you are one in every of those who need to dare then you will locate in this bankruptcy 9 something to meet your dreams.

It's miles Marc Upson, an impartial shooter in Paris, who presents here the one of a kind steps to gain a shade silver print. You will see that the system is lots extra complex than in black and white and that it takes an extended mastering and regularly greater expensive gadget.

My opinion at the Gildas Lepetit-Castel film images guide

Virtual has supplanted film for decades. But, the film nevertheless stays a hot subject matter amongst many amateurs and professionals eager to discover a slower, extra assumed practice of images.

This guide allows you to move around the query, to recognize what movie pictures are and how you could get started, step by step. It is one of the blessings of this ebook to encourage you to practice whilst getting to know as you go.

You may find out which you do not should make investments crazy sums to get started, that you could discover movies, chemistry, and paper without an excessive amount of trouble ( the list of sales sites at the cease of the manual helps you ) and that you may develop. Your films by yourself without leaving your own home.

Further to the vital steps in processing the film and the print, I loved studying a piece wherein the writer himself is invested in his situation. Who, better than a religious practitioner and instructor, may want to accompany you?

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