7 Most Recommended Types of Door Hinges for You

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7 Most Recommended Types of Door Hinges for You

What picture or thought comes into your head when you hear the word “Hinges?” A piece of hardware holding two elements together and allowing their limited movement or the essential hardware mounted on your cabinet’s frame pivot the door at one edge as it opens and closes.

Hinges are the essential components of any door, no matter how big or small the doors are. Different types of exterior and interior door hinges are available in the market, and knowing the difference between all of them can help you give your home a perfect renovation. 

Regardless of the type of door you have, you will always find yourself with plenty of options when it comes to hinges. Every hinge has its own specific actions and styles that add value to your door’s functioning.

If the squeaking and rattling of your cabinet’s doors are not letting you sleep peacefully at night, it’s time you should go for their hinges replacement. To help you narrow down your choices for the best hinges, here we are writing down the 7 most recommended types of interior door hinges:

  • Double Action Spring Hinge: Double action hinges are the most popular interior door hinges when it comes to finding the right hinge for kitchen cabinets. These hinges allow the doors to swing in both directions and also possess the feature of self-closing. The hinges are easier to adjust and ensure the door’s precise closing by bringing it into the center from both directions. 

If you want to walk through a door that opens in both directions and comes back to the center automatically, going for the double action spring hinge can be your best decision.

  • Butterfly Hinge: Butterfly hinges are one of the most decorative hinges that you can find. As the name suggests, they have leaf plates shaped in a manner that resembles a butterfly’s wings. The hinges are commonly made of brass and other metals with a shining finish to add style and flair to the interior doors. 

You can even get customized butterfly hinges if you want to give a glamorous touch to your cabinets.

  • Bi-Fold Hinge: Bi-Fold Hinges consist of two hinges that differ in length and are multi-leaf to allow the door in the same direction or in both directions. They have multiple pivot points that make the tighter swing to move to a greater extent. 

The length of their leaves can be customized for any specific purpose. They are one of the best hinges that can be used for your interior doors.

  • Flag Hinge: The hinges are mainly used for PVC doors. They consist of two parts:  a female end with a plate and a receiving slot and a male end with a plate and a pin. Both the ends are secured together, connecting the frame and door and allowing the door to swing smoothly. These hinges can be used when you want to give your doors a 360-degree rotation.
  • Concealed Hinge:The concealed hinges do not show up on the outside when the door is closed owing to which they are also popularly known as invisible hinges. These hinges work best for people who do not want the door’s design to get tampered with anything. They have two parts, the first one is the pivot, and the other one is the bracket. The parts allow the door to open wide at an angle of 90-degree.
  • Take Apart Hinge: As the name represents, the hinge has been designed significantly to be taken apart easily when needed. There can be times when you have to shift something big through the doors like furniture. In such situations, a take-apart hinge can be beneficial. Using these hinges will help you remove the door with ease whenever required. You don’t have to call experts for such tasks and pay for their services. The hinges have one leaf and a central pin and allow the door to swing swiftly. By removing the pin, you can easily take the door down.
  • Soft-close Hinge: If you are an admirer of silence and peace in your home, going for the soft-close hinges can be perfect for you. The hinges are backed with a mechanism that closes the door softly once it remains a few inches away from its closing position. The hinges also help in enhancing the serving life of cabinets by protecting them from damages and cracks that may be caused when doors are shut with a bang.

These are some of the interior door hinges you can go for while renovating your home or adding new doors in your home. Choose the hinges wisely by taking all your requirements into consideration and ensure that the finish of the hinge matches your door. In addition to the most recommended hinges mentioned above, there are many more hinges you can go for when it comes to giving your doors a stunning look and functionality.