Most Popular & Desirable Patek Philippe Watches to Date

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Most Popular & Desirable Patek Philippe Watches to Date

Patek Philippe is known as one of the finest watchmakers in the world. It will be significantly unfair to judge the brand’s artistry as each watch has the qualities to be loved and admired.

Indeed, Patek Philippe has created some of the extraordinary luxury watches over the years. Established in 1839, the brand initially started its journey as Patek, Czapek & Co. However, the watchmaker grabbed the headlines by producing the world’s first wristwatch.

Over the years, the brand has released many innovations in the horology industry. And today, Patek Philippe is one of the most recognised brands whose timepieces retain value exceptionally well with time.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 5711/1A

The brand introduced the original Nautilus Reference 3700 in stainless steel in 1976. Now, the Nautilus Reference 5711 was introduced in 2006 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the collection.

The contemporary Nautilus 5711/1A is crafted of high-grade steel that offers higher resistance to water and corrosion.

Overall, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 watch’s appeal is much more than its price. It is recognised as the perfect watch for regular use, representing everything that the brand is in today’s time.

Patek Philippe Reference 2499

The 1951 Patek Philippe Reference 2499 is one of the costliest watches of the brand. Encased in 18ct rose gold, the watch comes with many significant features like a moon phase dial, a perpetual calendar and the signature stamping.

However, perhaps the most bizarre fact is that the brand has introduced only two models of the Reference 2499. The first model featured a platinum case, and the famous musician Eric Clapton owned the watch.

Patek Philippe Ladies Chronograph Reference 7071

In 2009, the brand surprised its enthusiasts by introducing the first Ladies Chronograph Reference 7071. The watch was equipped with the brand’s first in-house chronograph movement. Interestingly, the brand used this CH 29-535 PS movement since then in other ladies and men’s watches in the catalogue.

1923 Patek Philippe Officer

Another unique watch in the brand’s catalogue that represents classic elegance and styling is the 1923 Officer watch. It features an 18ct yellow gold case and a unique chronograph. The watchmaker has equipped the outer ring with two subsidiary dials – a 60seconds aperture at the 9 o’clock side and a 60-minute register at the 3 o’clock position.

What makes it historically significant is that this 1923 Officer is the brand’s catalogue to feature Braguet black numerals instilled on white enamel.

1944 Patek Philippe Reference 1591

Next in this list is a scarce Patek Philippe watch that comes as the Reference 1591. In fact, people came to know about this watch only after it got sold in 1966 at auction. However, here is the more exciting fact:

India’s Maharajah originally owned this 1994 Patek Philippe 1591 watch. He is known to gift the timepiece to his wedding planner later. This reference is known to be available in only two models. One model auctioned off in 1996, as mentioned above.

The second model sold at Christie’s auction in 2007, fetching nearly £1.72 million. It is alleged to be the costliest stainless steel timepiece ever sold.

Patek Philippe 1936 Pilot Watch

The 1936 Pilot watch was a revolutionary creation of the brand, featuring a 55mm case diameter. The timepiece is forged out of nickel and chrome. Furthermore, it features a black finish dial with Arabic numerals. On the contrary, the brand used off-white varnish to engrave the scales.

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Celestial Reference 6102P

Patek Philippe designed and developed this Sky Moon Celestial Reference 6102P for collectors like James Warm Packard and Henry Graves. The watch made its debut in 2015, paying tribute to the brand’s fascinating history and uncompromising motive to be on-trend.

The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Celestial 6102P is described as “poetry”. The brand has a strong association with celestial features, and this watch epitomises that connection flawlessly.

Patek Philippe Reference 1518

The brand produced the Reference 1518 in 281 examples from 1941 to 1954 as the first perpetual chronograph. Interestingly, Patek Philippe designed its other Perpetual calendar series based on the design of the Reference 1518. However, it is indeed pretty challenging to find out the Reference 1518 in good condition.

What is your favourite watch of the iconic brand Patek Philippe?