9 Ways To Excel App Marketing To Boost Downloads?

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9 Ways To Excel App Marketing To Boost Downloads?

The business world welcomed mobile app development with open arms. With the app's potential to bridge the gap present between users and processes, it is easy to woo the hearts of masses. The convenience it delivers to both the parties is drawing gargantuan attention from all the sectors of the society.

The success of a business can easily be ameliorated with the help of the application. But the success of the application entirely depends on the right marketing techniques. It is easy to get an app developed, but extra attention and efforts need to be applied in case of its marketing.

The creation of an application is not sufficient to reach on the zenith, it is only half of the journey. To be on the top list and dominate the market it is just that the app gets colossal downloads and gets a top ranking. If you will pay a little attention to its marketing and promote it correctly, hitting the bull's eye will become easier. 

Here are the top nine app marketing techniques to boost marketing.  

1. Focus on ASO

Leading marketers follow App Store Optimization (ASO) to increase the quality and visibility of product pages on the application store. Methods include-

  • Use of keywords- Include keywords in phrases and titles and limit the words to 100 characters.  
  • Title- The title must use an appropriate keyword. It must be short and simple. 
  • Screenshot- Make sure to upload 8 screenshots for Android and 5 for iOS.  
  • Description- Its important that you include a compelling description explaining the benefits of the app in concise and clear language. 

2. Don't forget dynamic testing of an app

In case the users download an application and immediately find problems in it, they will take no time in deleting it. Not only will they uninstall it but they will also leave bad reviews and comments. It does great harm to the reputation and also prevents potential users from downloading the application. This is where dynamic testing jumps in to rescue. 

One must take extra initiative and provide the app to dynamic testing before making it public. This will make sure that the app doesn't crash.

3. Gather reviews

According to the research, users pay extra attention to the reviews before downloading any new application. Yes, even if the application is free, users are highly concerned. With security and privacy, they also want to know about the user experience before downloading the application. 

Therefore, it is a must to collect encouraging reviews on Instagram, Linkedin, Google, Play Store, App Store, and the rest of the popular platforms. Being present on these different platforms with amazing reviews will get you in the good books of potential application users. One good technique to value honest reviews is to offer something in return for the same.   

4. Boost awareness with website

Being present online highly supports drive downloads by increasing the app's awareness. It is a great technique for ASO. Commercial websites help a lot in generating useful backlinks and reviews. Creating a website will educate potential users about the application. Users can market the application in multiple cost-effective ways. For example-     

  • Posting blogs
  • Featuring screenshots
  • Displaying features
  • Manage email

5. Introduce a free app

One masterstroke to gain more downloads is to make the application completely free during the launch. Don't underestimate this simple technique. This is definitely easy but will boost the chances of getting more downloads. The total time of interaction will increase and the App Store and Play Store will boost the rankings.   

Once the rankings are increased leading to higher visibility, the number of app installations also increases. 

6. Improve ratings & reviews

With the good reputation of an application, a lot of users will be motivated to download it. Similarly with poor ratings and reviews, the number of downloads decreases. Eventually, the growth rate will be very low. App development will incorporate ratings & reviews into accounts to rank applications. Once the app's visibility is increased, the users need to be convinced that downloading the application would benefit them to a greater extend. They must be assured that the application is reliable and relevant. Find the appropriate time bar and use push notification to encourage the users to rate and comment. In the case of bad comments and reviews, it is necessary to provide a seamless user experience to avoid the same.      

7. Go for email marketing

Email is now one of the most common phenomena. Hence, to ignore the advantages that it provides can be catastrophic. To ameliorate the number of downloads it is a must to adopt this traditional marketing approach. The create a safe passage to target the potential users. This technique is highly effective because it allows the users to target the audience based on the age group. Hence, it is indeed an immaculate way to reach potential users.         

8. Make use of quality content

We have already discussed the fact that creating a strong online presence can help a lot in targeting potential users. As all the social media channels attract different age groups, make sure to plan accordingly. Do not target the wrong audience with the right content. This will only increase the added efforts.

9. Provide value

Last but not least, your app must provide value to the user base. It must flawlessly fulfill the main purpose of downloading the application.     


These are techniques to increase the number of app downloads. As the market is dense with the competition increasing every day, these techniques will help a lot. Marketing is one of the most sensitive topics, just one step wrong and the complete progress can go waste.       

So before making the marketing strategy of an application to ameliorate the number of downloads, make sure you think it through. Follow the above-mentioned techniques to dominate the growth. For anyone from the traditional background of business, knowing the ways to initiate all these techniques can be a tough nut to crack. In such a situation feel free to connect with experienced professionals for the same.      Feel free to connect with us in case of any doubt, but until then, stay tuned to this space for more information and updates.