Effective Ways to Increase the Speed of WordPress Site

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Effective Ways to Increase the Speed of WordPress Site

WordPress is the name of a very popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world right now. It is very easy to launch a WordPress system on your own hosting account. Today we are going to talk about some important things about how to make a WordPress site faster.

Choosing a good hosting plan

It is better not to rely on shared hosting to make the site faster (unlimited bandwidth and storage) but when the traffic is high it no longer works, even goes offline. So buy a hosting plan that is reliable. Those who need a good web hosting service provider for WordPress can try Sharewebhost WordPress hosting. 

Select the appropriate theme

Theme selection is very important in creating a website because users see it first. But I want to be careful in choosing the theme. Choose a theme that is stylish as well as light and works quickly. There are so many good WordPress themes available in the marketplaces now. Such as WordPress.org repository, Themeum, etc.

Widgets, ad placement should be careful. Because the more you do this kind of component/element show, the more the page size of the site will increase.

Image optimization

In the case of uploading images on the site, you have to give an image that is less in size. Again not so low that the visitors are annoyed due to poor quality. On the other hand, giving larger images delays the loading of the site and this is also a cause of annoyance to the visitors. Now there are many types of image resizers available such as FastStone Photo Resizer, which can be used to optimize the image. You can also use Jetpack's Photon CDN feature to get excellent results in image delivery.

Using the casing plugin

The casing plugin will allow your site to load faster. The two most popular WordPress caching plugins are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

Database optimization

Many types of unnecessary data are constantly stored in the database such as trackback, pingback, etc. Now there are many WordPress plugins (WP-Optimize, WP DBManger) that will keep your database free of all these unnecessary data. Also, try the post revision plugin.

Monitor the performance of the plugin

Self-hosted WordPress sites allow you to install plugins that are not available on WordPress.com. However, using too many plugins slows down the site. That's why you need to keep an eye on how useful a plugin is and how much loading time it consumes. You can use Plugin Performance Profiler for this.

Using CDN

The CDN or Content Delivery Network takes all the content of your site (text, images, HTML, etc.) from the hosting server to the user in a faster way. This decreases the pressure on the main server and the site is fast. CloudFlare, Encapsula, etc. are very popular to increase the speed of the CDN sites.

Keep some techniques in mind!

If you keep some techniques in mind while serving the page, the page can be loaded faster and more user friendly. Sometimes it can be almost impossible to make a webpage faster because as I said before, a fully functional site has to use many plugins, which cannot be omitted. However, even if the page speed is not fast, the user experience can be kept right.

CSS and JAVAScript codes block the render of the page, so no content can be seen before CSS is rendered, on the one hand, the site is loading in the browser, CSS and JAVAScript are rendered in the background and the webpage is white or black to the user, the page is fully loaded Something to look forward to. It's even worse when the user sees nothing coming on the page, the site will leave immediately. So the page has to be set up in such a way that HTML is rendered before CSS and JAVAScript so that the user can see at least something in the browser as soon as the page loads a little.

There is a plugin to fix Render Blocking in WordPress. You can do it easily by just Google and find the right settings. Moreover, this system can be applied to any website, just Google it according to your needs!

There are many more tips that I will share in a separate article, so the giant post has been created.

Need a Solution?

In addition to resource optimization of the website, you must think of a good vendor. There are many good service providers in Bangladesh who offer good quality hosting plans. You will get the best WordPress hosting solution from Sharewebhost which is very affordable and enough to keep the performance of your site perfect.