Advantages of having reliable Du Telecom internet

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Advantages of having reliable Du Telecom internet

Everyone who needs the internet, whether for entertainment or for work, wants the benefits of a modern, quality connection. Especially because no one likes a slow internet and a bad connection, which keeps crashing while you try to watch the movies and shows you like best. In addition, these issues make it difficult to exchange information in the media and even delay the upload process.

Before starting this blog, I would like to recommend you all to use the fastest internet connection provided by the Du Home Internet . It is currently the leading internet service provider in UAE.

With Du Telecom's internet, no one has to go through any more stress with these things, because the internet is provided through modern features and has differentials that offer all the advantages of having a reliable internet.

Let's start with the fact that Du Telecom has no filters and franchises.

Filters are tools that bar some web content from a computer or network. Some internet service providers deploy these filters that bar access to certain content so that the customer pays more on a higher speed plan to be able to access all the content they want.

Franchises are limits set for the general use of the internet when you reach a data limit. For example, if you have a 20 Mega internet and in recent days have made a lot of downloads or uploads, your internet speed will be reduced because you have reached a data limit determined by the carrier franchise.

Du Telecom also offers internet with symmetric band.

Another advantage of Du Telecom is the symmetric band, which allows you to download and upload at the same speed. With Du Telecom there is no history of just offering high download speeds and forgetting about the upload speed rate. If you hire an internet with the 40 Megaplan, both download and upload will be done at the same speed.

And of course, fiber optics could not be missed, which offers all the quality of the connection.

It is because of fiber optics that your browsing experience becomes most satisfying. Optical fiber is composed of a dielectric material - immune to electromagnetic waves - which preserves the stability of the signal and enhances its speed.

Do you know when the weekend comes with rain and spoils the beach, park and barbecue plans? We get a little lost, don't we? But to beat boredom, the internet helps you with a number of interesting options to do when we have nothing to do .

Movies, series and even games make the day more enjoyable at home. That's why we have prepared a very nice list with tips on what to watch and play with the children, family, friends and big guy. All to improve on that cloudy Saturday and rainy Sunday!

And if you count on Du Telecom's ultra-fast internet , then the fun is guaranteed: streaming movies and series, online games, and special application programming load quickly and without stopping the fun. Plus, you enjoy our partnerships with Cartoon Network and Interactive Sport .

Now, let's check the tips!

#To enjoy with children
Whole family at home? Look what to enjoy with the kids on the rainy weekend:

1. Cartoon Network Drawings on CN Now!

Du Telecom customer can enjoy the CN Now! for free . There are countless fun cartoons to marathon with the little ones. See some examples:

• The Powerpuff Girls : The trio of heroine little girls saves the town of Townsville with great humor - and even helps to get around the boredom of the gang.

• Ben 10 : The boy with his magic clock turns into alien creatures to confront evil monsters in this adventure-filled saga. You can prepare popcorn for drawing time and pillow fight for later!

• Courage the Cowardly Dog : With this fearfully brave puppy, the kids will laugh, cheer, cheer and forget about the rainy day outside.

2. Streaming Movies

At Netflix, for example, you enjoy the success of the big screen with your connection. Look at these tips:

• The Incredibles : How about introducing to the shorty this dear family of superheroes that rocked the 1990s and will have a sequel in theaters this year?

• Operation Babysitter : That bully classic that needs to take care of children never loses its fun, does it? And you can soak up the laughs and adventures with the little ones in this comedy starring Vin Diesel.

• Bolt - Supercão : another brave puppy to save the cloudy Saturday! In this Disney animation, Bolt is a German Shepherd who discovers the greatest power of all: friendship.

3. Online Games

Did the gang get tired of just watching? Some free online gaming sites have very interactive games - and you don't have to download or install anything on your computer, tablet or phone. Check out:

• Burger Truck Frenzy : in the online game , the kids prepares customer orders in a food truck. Who finishes without burning the ingredients or missing the plate, gets pennies and goes with the truck all over the map.

• Geometry Neon : In this game , the idea is to train reflexes by jumping between platforms with a neon pad. Fast and fun, the more you jump without falling and without failing, the more points you earn.

#For big people
The friends arrived, the family only has adults or the beach with the big guy will not roll because outside, as the song says, "it only rains and it rains"? No problem: the internet helps you too. (Especially if it is Du Telecom's ; D)

1. Streaming Series

How about marathoning some classics that are making a hit on Netflix? See the tips:

• The Good Place : In this comedy starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, between laughter and satire human behavior is focus - are we really good people? Both seasons of the series are now available and, by the end of the year, should debut the third on streaming service and on the American channel NBC.

• College Friends : Controversial, the series raises some interesting questions: How positive are friendships in our lives? Alternating moments of laughter and reflection, you have a good show session featuring HIMYM's eternal Cobin Smulders. The first season is in the air and later this year, the second should come out.

Better Call Saul : Those who like the classic Breaking Bad can't miss the spin-off. Here, we see the story of attorney Saul Goodman before entering Walter White's world. With three seasons full of suspense, action and thought-provoking dialogue, the fourth is due to arrive in the first half of 2018 on the streaming service.

2. Sports at EI Plus

Du Telecom client also watches football and MMA in Interactive Sport Plus for free ! Check out a little of what you see in the app for fun and breaking the boredom of cloudy weekends:

• UEFA Champions League : Are you passionate about football? Then follow all the live games or review the recorded matches to discuss the moves with the class.

• MMA Championships : If your beach is fights, you can also watch MMA championship contests and have fun with the crowd.