Why is AVG Antivirus missing after the Windows 10 upgrade?

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Why is AVG Antivirus missing after the Windows 10 upgrade?

Windows 10 comes with a pre-install security program namely Windows defender designed by Microsoft. But the program only offers basic virus protection and fails to stand against advanced cyber threats. For this reason, users often install another antivirus program on the system to compensate for the weakness of the Windows defender. Antivirus like AVG, Avira, Avast and any other security programs compatible with windows are designed as compatible software to run alongside Windows Defender. This also strengthens the security program of the system by offering double protection to the device.

But many users recently have faced the problem of the disappearance of AVG antivirus or other additional antivirus software after the latest update of Windows 10 even if they have purchased a yearly subscription of the program. Well, the problem is not with AVG but Microsoft actually is responsible behind this malfunction. Microsoft explains the problem is due to April 2019 Patch Tuesday update, which is conflicting with the system while receiving antivirus updates. This update caused the system bricked if AVG, ArcaBit, Avast, and Avira are preinstalled in the device. Actually, after the update, Windows runs a compatibility check to find if a pre-installed antivirus program aside Windows Defender. Then it automatically uninstalls the AV program asking the user to download another copy of the AV software and also suggests to deactivate Windows Defender if it is preventing the actions of the antivirus.

Microsoft has put the matter in such a way that after the update the system of windows 10 becomes unresponsive on the booting time. Microsoft will block the windows 10 devices to launch the update of Tuesday patch if any of Avira and AVG Antivirus is installed in the system.  Microsoft will soon launch new updates for the devices after solving the matters with Avira and AVG. Until then, users who have lost the software of Antivirus due to the update can re-install another copy of AVG antivirus through CDs or downloading from the official website. If the program is still not working on the system, users can go for an AVG antivirus removal tool or can install AVG Internet Security on the device after uninstalling the AVG software which was not working.

The refined update version that will be fully compatible with Avira, Avast and AVG, will be launch in January 2020 by Microsoft. The update will be available not only for windows 10 but also for windows 7, 8 and 8.1 as these versions of the operating system have also faced the same problem.

How Microsoft antivirus software protects the computer?

If you use your laptop on a regular basis for watching movies or playing games, then it is vital for you to add the antivirus software.  Most of the Microsoft users look for the right antivirus program so as to protect their computers from malware attacks. It is essential to understand that computer viruses don’t just come from streaming or downloading movies, but they can arrive even while checking the e-mails.

Microsoft antivirus software is the best way by which a person can keep their data safely. This software tackles the new virus before reaching to your device.

How to look for the best Microsoft antivirus software?

  1. Do compare the price rate of different antiviruses.
  2. Look at the features that are offered in the software program.
  3. Overall value for money
  4. Make sure that they offer customer support.
  5. Try and ask for the free trial so as to check the software properly.

Microsoft antivirus software monitors the web page content and secures all the attachments.

Avira, Panda, AVG, Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky, NORTON, SOPHOS, McAfee, etc are some of the well known Microsoft antivirus software.  All these software helps in blocking the sites that are harming the computer software.