All You Need To Know About Fire Fighting Equipment

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All You Need To Know About Fire Fighting Equipment

Finding good quality fire fighting equipment in Noida is scarce. Recently, a major fire broke out in a cardboard factory in Noida damaging goods and documents worth lakhs of rupees. Local news reports state that at least 12 fire tenders were called to extinguish the blaze.

Officials also called fire tenders from neighbouring Ghaziabad to put out the fire. The reason why officials summoned too many fire tenders was that the cardboard company had very little fire fighting tools installed in their building. Had the company installed different fire fighting tools, this episode wouldn’t have happened.

While extinguishers and fire buckets are considered to be the “stars” of fire fighting tools, there are other tools which are equally important and known for dousing any blaze in a jiffy. What exactly are they? And where exactly can you find these tools? Listed below are a few fire fighting tools that can stop an inferno from causing massive damage to life and property:

Fire hydrant system
This fire equipment is widely available in different forms. Many corporate offices and newly built apartments consider this fire extinguishing tool to be prompt in action and relatively safe. Normally, a fire hydrant system is either integrated with a fire alarm or installed as a separate the system in a building.

A fire hydrant system is equipped with a sensor that gets activated as soon as it comes in contact with smoke. Many censors in fire hydrants have smart features to detect the difference in the temperature in a room.

The moment any smoke comes in contact with a fire hydrant, it sends a shrill warning alarm and begins to spray water in different directions. In this way, any fire or flame is put off quickly before it turns out to be a disaster.

Fire alarm system
A fire alarm is a must in every building and should be compulsorily installed in buildings that involve the potential risk of a fire breakout. Similar to a fire hydrant system, a fire alarm is also equipped with sensors that get activated once it comes in contact with smoke.

Seeking this fire fighting equipment in Noida is easy. Likewise, you must always purchase a fire alarm system or any fire fighting tools from trusted sellers in Noida. Look for fire alarm system packages that include automatic wireless detectors that offer alarm output to hooters, smart control panels, and early smoke detection system.

Extra long hoses

These are actual fire hoses that are reasonably long with pressurized nozzles for better output of water. However, extra long hoses, in general, can only be used as a fire fighting equipment if you are dealing with situations like short circuits or some other electrical negligence.

Fire fighting tools are essential for every building and apartment. Installing them in advance can prevent several mishaps and also protect the lives of people living or working in that complex. If you are seeking quality safety and protection tools for your apartments and corporate offices, look no further as you can find the best and trusted fire fighting equipment in Noida.