Creating humor is not everyone's cup of tea

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Creating humor is not everyone's cup of tea

Humoris such a factor in human’s life that if it didn’t exist, we would have never experienced the true and extreme expression of laugh.  Humor is a combination of different verbal and non-verbal actions. The one who commands over this technic he/she can win all the hearts in the world. It takes great efforts to find out the fun elements from daily life of oneself it of others. The more one will observe the trend and behaviors the more he or she will be able to present those moments with little more humor.

Generally, a life of a layman is very simple yet filled with lots of ups and downs. An individual needs to work hard everyday to earn things for the survival. And in that busy and preoccupied schedule he never gets enough time for himself to release some stress. But humor is such an element which has all the power to rescue one life and to make him happy and stress free. Although, to make someone laugh on the foolish acts or dialogues is a difficult task. But with the right sort of practice and dedication some legendary comedians have done it already.

Life Without Humor:

A life without humor is like a bird without wings to fly. One can never find his or her way to success and ultimate sense of achievement without a happy heart. It feels disheartened and demotivated without any humor or factor of it in life. The more one gets away from it, the lesser he or she lives life with satisfaction.

Life With Humor:

Like doctors say “Laughter Is The Greatest Medicine”. It is already proved with a survey happened that people who laugh more in life live longer lives. And they always keep fit and healthy. They don’t have any stress issues and they do not feel depressed. Humor is a shortcut to little or more inner laughter. 

Benefits of Humor:

  • It is a main factor for living a healthy and longer life.
  • People who are humorous likely to get lesser ill and weak throughout life.
  • Humor makes a behavior and an attitude of a person very funny and likeable among people.
  • Humorous person is always famous among the peer groups.
  • Humor create better and long lasting laughter effect.
  • It is a great factor to catch the eye and interest of people.
  • People with more humor get more love and affection in their lives.
  • It keeps a person active and young forever in the life span.
  • Person with a happy face and inner peace gets more sense of achievement than anyone else.
  • Humor is a skill which can be developed with a right kind of practice.


  • It takes place after very long practices.
  • One can not practice his/her humorous behavior in the sad events.
  • Everybody has some or the other parts of it but not all gain the level.
  • Humor needs powerful storyline, active funny face, body gestures, regular practice and the most importantly timing.
  • The output and success of humor depends on the reactions of it’s receivers.
  • Humor needs fresh content every time you can’t repeat the old stuff.
  • Cracking a joke or developing the script for humor has many limitations against the personal interests of individuals.

Different Types of Humor:

Humor can be created in many different ways but it has to be impactful and creative. Many people try to make their efforts to build it strong and have a strong bounding with their audiences but very few out of all get the level where people love to see, listen and react positively on the acts they perform.

It can be performed anywhere, anytime among group of people but the best way to do it is through media channels as that way one can actually approach and reach the maximum individuals at the same.

  1. Through Body Language:Any humor created with the actions or acts involving major part of the body language and through this one creates humor is a unique and very difficult method. But once someone gets masters on it, that person becomes people’s choice. For exp.  Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Beans, both are world famous mute comedians.
  2. Humor with Script:It is a kind of humor which requires pre-written script and as per the writing dialogues and comedy actions and moments are placed in a sequence. If there is group of people then each participant gets his or her part in the act. This type of humor is very famous these days. For Exp. The Kapil Sharma Show.
  3. Humor on Self:It is usually famous among people because the comedian cracks jokes on his own life and he makes fun of him to make people laugh. It takes real courage to make people laugh on oneself. Only person with selfless personality can do such acts. These artists are loved by audience the most.
  4. Silly Acts:These are the acts which involve sequence of silly videos, acts,  dramas, and weird plays. The stage acts and other events which look non-sense yet create huge humor among people. For Exp. Silly Things and Laughter Gigs.
  5. Spontaneous Comedy:There are different types of comedians in the world but these ones are the most talented artists  as these individuals develop the laughter without any prior intimation and preparations. They don’t follow any script writing. And they don’t even pre-rehearse what even they perform in front of the audience or mass audience.
  6. Humor with Wordplay:It’s a very unique sort of comedy being done by the artists. In this whole act to make people laugh certain words are used and these words can be confusing, knowledgeable yet very funny as the way they are played and projected among audiences. It is also very much famous these days.
  7. Humor on Latest Trends:The comedy can be created in the latest incidents happened in the world. There are several incidents happening every second in the world which can become a little part of laughter. But the most difficult part in this type of act is that the artist must be up-to date with all the new events all around the world.
  8. Comedy with Observation:Observation is a unique skill or quality of an individual. The with highly observational attitude can perform such acts to make people laugh on it. The content he or she uses is in the performance is the deepest observation of some very domestic actions or events. People love to watch and listen to these types of humor as they always co-relate with these situations. For Exp. Raju Shrivastava is famous of such acts.
  9. Humor of Dirty Minds:There are some individuals who use their dirty minds and deeds to make people laugh. They depict or perform such dirty acts which are otherwise not humors but the way they plan it and prank it on others look very funny. And people laugh badly on such acts.
  10. Humorous Kids:21st century is such a time period when we can experience the development and growth of the minds of kids from the beginning. These days kids are more humorous than adults and these children with special skills make people laugh all over the world. They are participating and performing in all the reality based comedy shows.

Scope of Humor:

This factor of human’s life is very much needed in today’s time and it is much more required in the coming decades as the kind of lives we all are living leave with stress,  tensions,  burden, mental illness etc. We don’t find a room in a day to laugh naturally and that gradually affects our overall behavior and attitude.

Humor can be of many types and not only this but it can be reformed or invented by using any technique but by keeping in mind that it should not harm the personal interest or image of a person in any manner or sense. These funny acts or bunch of it can be made available to each individual in the world with the help of new technologies and inventions.

Life is very precious and we must live it with smile and laughter on our faces. Wearing a laughter on the face will much be much better than wearing a sad face all the time. It is a great source of motivation as well. The person with happy heart has pleasing personality and is liked by one and all.  It is a natural talent or skill to make people laugh although, this skill can be developed with time. Laughter has almost importance in our life as being naturally happy from inside is a sign of good health and mental stability.

The more you connect to people with great sense of humor the more you stay younger and alive. There are many talented people who make people laugh with their extraordinary talent and techniques. So my suggestion is, if you can’t find one person of that quality than be that person for others.