Best Child Psychologist In Jaipur For The Treatment Of Autism

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Best Child Psychologist In Jaipur For The Treatment Of Autism

Overview and Autism Meaning

A category of neurodevelopment conditions is identified with a common term known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

These disorders are characterized by communication difficulties as well as social contact. People with ASD also exhibit inhibited, repeated, and stereotyped behaviors or behavioral patterns.

ASD is present in people worldwide, irrespective of ethnicity, culture, or economic context. With a male-to-female ratio of 4 to 1, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), autism occurs more frequently in boys than in females.

In 2014 the CDC reported that almost 1 out of 59 children were diagnosed with ASD.

There are signs that there are growing instances of ASD. Some attribute this increase to factors relating to climate. Experts, however, question whether there is a genuine rise in incidents or only more frequent diagnoses.

Best child psychologist states that the treatment of autism is not completely possible as it is not completely healed but, treatment of autism allows the family to deal with it in a better manner!

Autism Signs and Symptoms

Autism signs startup typically before a child reaches 3. Some individuals display birth signs.

Popular Autism symptoms include:

  • No eye contact

  • A limited variety of interests or an intense interest in certain subjects

  • Do something over and over, like repeat words or phrases, rock back and forth or flip a lever

  • Strong sensitivity to sounds, touches, smells, or sights that other people can find normal

  • Not looking at other people or listening to them

  • Don't look at things when someone else points them out

  • Not wanting to be cuddled or held

  • Problems involving or using words, movements, facial expressions, or voice tones

  • Speak in a singing, flat, or robotic voice

  • Difficulties adjusting to routine changes

Some kids with autism can also get seizures. This could not begin until puberty.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Once upon a time, thought of Autism Spectrum Disorder used to form an opinion of different words. Now they're all falling into the umbrella of autism spectrum disorders. They encompass:

  • Asperger's syndrome. These kids don't have a language problem; they appear to score on intelligence tests in the average or above-average range. Yet they do have social concerns and small interest ranges.

  • Autistic disorder. Most people think of Autistic Disorder when they hear the word "autism." It applies to problems with children under the age of three with social interactions, communication, and play.

  • Childhood disintegrative disorder. These children have average growth for at least two years, and they lose some or most of their speech and social skills.

  • Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD or atypical autism). Your doctor may use this word if your child has any autism behavior, such as developmental difficulties and communication skills, but does not fall into a particular category.

Autism Causes

It's not clear exactly why autism does happen. It may stem from issues that perceive sensory feedback and process language in parts of your brain.

  • In boys, autism is four times more common than in children. It may occur in people of any race, ethnicity, or social context. Family income, lifestyle, or education level does not impact the risk of autism in a child.

  • Autism runs in families so that those gene combinations will raise the risk of an infant.

  • A baby with an older parent has a greater chance of autism.

  • If a pregnant woman is exposed to such medications or chemicals, such as alcohol or anti-seizure medicines, it is more likely that her child is autistic. 

  • Some risk factors include motherly metabolisms, such as diabetes and obesity. Analysis has related autism to untreated phenylketonuria (has known as PKU, a metabolic condition induced by the lack of an enzyme) and rubella ( German measles).

  • There's no proof that vaccines cause autism.

Autism Screening and Diagnosis

A definitive autism diagnosis can be hard to obtain. Best Child Psychologist will concentrate on behavior and growth.

Diagnosis for children typically takes two steps.

  • A screening for development may tell your doctor whether your child has the necessary skills such as listening, talking, behaving, and moving. 

Experts suggest that infants at their daily check-ups should be tested for these developmental delays at the early ages of 9 months, 18 months, and 24 or 30 months. At their 18-month and 24-month checkups, infants are regularly explicitly screened for autism.

  • If the child shows signs of a problem on such scans, a more detailed examination will be required. This may include hearing and vision tests or genetic testing. 

Your doctor will choose to bring in someone trained in autism disorders, such as a pediatric developmental or a child psychologist. Some psychologists may also offer an Autism Evaluation Observation Schedule (ADOS) examination.

Speak to your doctor if you were not diagnosed with autism as a child yet find signs or symptoms.

Autism Treatment

Best Child Psychologist state that Autism is not healed completely. But early care for a child with autism can make a significant difference in growth. If you believe your child is showing ASD signs, inform your doctor as soon as possible.

For one person, what works may not work for another. Your health care provider should customize treatment for you or your child. The two primary treatment forms are:

  • Behavioral and behavioral counseling to assist with coordination and structure. One such therapy is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA); it encourages constructive behavior and discourages malicious behavior. Occupational therapy can assist with life skills such as dressing, eating, and people involved. Sensory integration therapy can help someone who's having trouble being touched or hearing sights or sounds. Spoken word therapy strengthens communication abilities.

  • Medicines can deal with ASD symptoms, such as issues with concentration, hyperactivity, or anxiety.

Speak to the doctor before you try something new, such as a special diet.


Autism is a problem that not only affects the child but the whole family. Dr. Sanjay Jain, the Best Child Psychologist treats and provides therapies for the disorder in a very caring manner. 

Everyone has the right to a quality life and this disorder must not deter the family from having one! If you are suffering from the problem, visit the Best Child Psychologist to get a better and fulfilling life!