What Should You Use VPNs or Seedboxes for Torrenting?

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What Should You Use VPNs or Seedboxes for Torrenting?

Anonymity extremely matters in a world where the internet is ever more censored and restricted. If you want to protect your identity and continue online activities privately, you ought to rely on specialized services.

Privacy is quite mandatory for torrenting. Many countries already severely restricted access to pirate websites in recent years. The United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom are just some major examples. Regardless of your online activities, you must have a right to anonymity.

Virtual Private Networks or Seedboxes could offer your insane speed while maintaining you safe with online video streaming or unloading. Both options will change your internet provider address with the goals of making you anonymous. However, private networks or remote-servers perform in unique ways, which makes specialized services very unlike one another.

Let’s check out what these specialized services are and mean to protect your online media and personal information with cloud-supported servers. And so, which is one of the most preferred for BitTorrent and other online activities.

What Is A Seedbox?

Seedboxes are remote servers hosted in data centers and exclusively customized for downloading and uploading torrents safely. Seedbox providers commonly offer high data rates (sometimes up to 10Gbps) makes it alluring among power users within the media-sharing community.

With cloud-based remote servers, you can remotely unload and share large torrent files outside of your public network. To access online stored media, you can pull inside a seedbox using a secure https connection. This maintains your activity private and shielded from your internet service provider or other interfering eyes.

What Are Advantages And Disadvantages of Torrenting With A Seedbox?

A seedbox can be convincing for the right user in the following ways –

  • Anyone intended to way you can only see your internet service provider’s address of the seedbox and not yours.
  • The internet speed often ranges between 1Gbps to 10Gbps as per your plans and service providers. This permits rapid seeding to maintain the ratios, which are often required for private torrent trackers.
  • Some advanced services give protocols like secure FTP to enhance security and make the local download process simpler and speedy.
  • This allows users to configure PLEX media server integration and stream online content within a seedbox on any system and connection.

While useful for torrenting but seedboxes aren’t without downsides as –

  • This never encrypts your traffic, making the user more exposed to hackers.
  • Because media are remotely stored, you will need to unload them twice with the use of a seedbox. First in the seedbox, and then on your system. Even if you have a speedy connection, repeating the same process, again and again, is an inconvenience for maximum users.
  • This remote server requires additional steps to download torrent files, which are frightening even for some mid-level users.
  • These remote servers never offer any configuration options, such as – changing address. Also, cloud-supported servers do not allow media-sharing from public trackers.
  • A seedbox has limitations on storage and bandwidth.

What Is A Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

VPN is a more versatile alternative to remote-servers (seedbox). These sorts of specialized services can offer you anonymity online, helps to keep you protected when torrenting. VPNs are configured nearby on your system and on mobile phones. If your router supports it, you can also protect your entire network with private networks without performing the per-system configuration.

VPNs are more rounded privacy and secured solution, providing several advantages as –

  • VPNs route traffic outside of your internet service provider’s address via encrypted mode.
  • If anyone aims to chase your online activities, they can only see the IP of the VPN server you are connected with and not your original IP address.
  • Important security options as – Server Locations, Kill Switch, and DNS Leak Protection.
  • The right providers never raise restrictions on online sources. This means you can use private as well as public torrent trackers.
  • The setup of private networks isn’t much complex as a seedbox.
  • This private network gets configured on multiple systems to protect all incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • This doesn’t involve any risks of throttling from your ISP.
  • This private server allows user to bypass geo-restrictions and are quite affordable compared with remote servers.

In maximum cases, negative sides of VPNs rely upon server providers as –

  • If you’ve chosen cheaper quality software, it might minimize your upload and unload speed.
  • If your private networks are incorrectly configured, it might reveal all your online activities to your internet service provider.
  • There are no consistent free VPN providers, which means you should avail subscriptions with confidence and make sure your online activities are shielded.
  • Not every server provider offers unlimited bandwidth and BitTorrent traffic.

The Bottom Line: VPN or Seedbox for Torrenting?

We’ve already explained major specialized services used for torrenting securely and anonymously.

The advantages of using a seedbox are noteworthy, although not much versatile. Some of the advanced aspects like FTP downloading and PLEX integration can only include more options for complexity. VPNs aren’t even perfect and are more rounded solutions. Once configured with a private server, it allows users to torrent anonymously. The points of difference are your traffic will be encrypted and your internet service provider address will be shielded.

Therefore, additional attributes and the user-friendly nature of VPNs make it a perfect solution if you want fast torrenting. You can also enjoy increase security with all your online activities –streaming videos and unloading movies and pictures. And so, options to anonymize your online activities should never be overlooked today!