Best Croatian Party Places.

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Best Croatian Party Places.

Croatia is located in crossroads of South Eastern Europe and on the Adriatic Sea. The country borders Hungary to the Northwest and in the East of Serbia. 

According to the Croatian Tourist Board, twenty million tourists visited the country in the year 2018 alone. This number is expected to rise this year. Everything good comes at a price and this holds true to Croatia- after qualifying in the world cup finals, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to be in Croatia.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the best Croatian party cities and the most exciting thing about them.

# Dalmatia.

If you’re planning to visit Croatia, this is one of the famous places that you will not afford to miss. If you’re an American then you might be going to the most magnificent places that are part of American history. Brac Island is one of the largest islands in Dalmatia.

The stone from this island is believed to be used anciently in building Golden cape in Washington and also the Diocletian’s palace in the split. Are you amazed? This is the point to have your ying yang with either your friend, family or spouse. 

On top of that, I know you’ll probably love paying a visit to many night clubs and cocktail bars in this city. They are pocket-friendly and accommodative.

#Stari Grad.

Hvar is the beach that is found on the Croatian island. It’s found in one of the oldest towns in Croatia. This island is protected by hills and valleys giving you the ability to have a view of the Croatian cities. Are you ready to act the game of thrones? This might just be the place for you.

Just a REMINDER, this is the beach where the sun really strikes. Remember to take with your sunglasses. If you want to lie at the beach for vitamin D then you’ll have all the time in the world on this beach.

# Sibenik
This is one of the cities that carries Murter Island to its northwest. When in Croatia, this is one of the must-visit party places. 

Murter is common with its festivity and great clubs which attract tens of thousands of tourists. Draw your navigation today and be sure to visit the island in one of these towns.

# Zadar

What about the mesmerizing beaches and clubs… one of the unique thing about this town is the history of milk and cheese. The place is most famous for cheese. And for this reason, mention has been done on the cities Croatian Nickname “Croatian Ibiza".

Music festivals are held in June, July and August. You can’t afford to miss this. IF ONLY I WERE YOU.

# Split 

This is the city you can’t afford to miss. It’s located in the coastal of Dalmatia. The city has a lot to offer so going on foot might not be the best idea, take a Split taxi or a bus and you will be able to explore much more of the city.

On top of that, you will explore this most visited city without the need to strain compared to when you’re boarding the buses. Sometimes cheap is expensive. What about taking pictures at the tower of the cathedral which is located at the heart of Split?

This city surely will surely match the bag for your money. You’ll forever appreciate that you visited!