Some Amazing Things You Experience While Scuba Diving

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Some Amazing Things You Experience While Scuba Diving

Why Scuba Diving Should Be Your Next Hobby

Everyone needs a hobby or two. These activities give us something to look forward to, and help us to remind ourselves not to become focused on work to an unhealthy degree. It is especially useful when the hobby you pursue brings other benefits in addition to entertainment. Here are some amazing aspects of scuba diving designed to get you out the door, wetsuit in hand. 

Find Inner Peace Under the Waves

Ringo Starr wasn’t wrong when he sang about the happiness that can result from spending time in an “Octopus’s Garden.” When under the water, you won’t be disturbed by alarms, e-mails, or texts. Instead, you can move in any direction you wish to explore a beautiful environment. 

Elements of diving like slow, regular breathing and focusing on the present moment can cause the mind to experience something similar to meditation. A study has provided evidence that scuba diving can have healthy psychological effects, such as increasing your ability to cultivate mindfulness. 

Develop a Deeper Connection to Nature

The ocean covers over 70% of the planet. Especially with all of the concern over world-wide environmental health issues such as global warming, it is important to get in touch with and appreciate nature. Not only will your scuba skills allow you to explore one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World (Great Barrier Reef), they will also allow you to make the acquaintance of some friskier examples of sea life. 

Belize scuba diving resorts have several species for you to get up-close and personal with: 

Sea turtles

Three out of seven species (all endangered) can be found nesting in Belize. The Hawksbill turtle is named for its slender beak, allowing it to gobble those hard to reach sea sponges. Loggerheads can weigh well over 300 pounds. Green sea turtles can live for over 80 years. Leatherback sea turtles are the fourth largest of all reptiles. Now when you meet one of these out there, you will have a bit of background information. 

Sea turtles are amazing because they somehow manage to figure out migration routes that can be longer than 1000 miles. The reason why they choose certain beaches to nest and not others remains a mystery. With so much left to learn about these creatures, more should be done to save them. You can snap a picture of one on your dive and post on social media to help them out! 

Nurse sharks

Nurse sharks are another friend you might make when diving from Belize scuba diving resorts. They might be so named because of a noise they make when hunting that reminds someone of the noises that babies make. They give birth to live young and have smooth skin. Also, as sharks go, they are on the non-aggressive end of the spectrum. 

Bottlenose Dolphins

You might be lucky enough to spot one of these social creatures in waters off Belize. They can dive under 800 feet. Can you? They can launch themselves over 15 feet when they jump out of the water. They communicate through sound, but also through body language. 

The Underwater World has Lots of Variety

The Great Blue Hole

Is a world famous diving destination a little more than 60 miles off the coast of Belize. It is even visible from space! Once your diving skills are polished, you can investigate it’s just over 400 foot depth. It formed when several caverns collapsed. Look out for eye-catching stalagmites and stalactites. If you check this one off your bucket list you will be sharing the feat with diving legend Jacques Cousteau.

Gladden Spit

This is a spot in Belizean waters where whale shark encounters are famously likely. There is an industry that facilitates these dives which times its operations around the sharks’ year long migratory pattern. They come around April and May. 

Half Moon Caye Wall

This spot features views of Belizean coral. While diving down the canyon-like area you might spot eagle-rays, groupers, and other fish in a variety of colors. You can swim through the whole site in less than half an hour. Sea fans and sponges await! 

Meet Interesting People

It takes a special kind of person to want to venture into areas where oxygen is not readily available. When you are getting geared up to go explore the briny deep, you are sure to run in to adventurous souls from many cultures and walks of life. Better yet, you have a built in common-ground of the same hobby to get you talking with them. 

Whether it’s swimming with sharks, reducing stress, or exploring reefs with friends, there’s much to enjoy about the world of scuba diving. If you are looking for beach accommodation in Belize to explore the Blue Hole and meet some sea turtles, visit Belizean Shores.