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I am Mashfiq Ahmed Masum. I live in Bangladesh.

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Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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The Best Table Lamps of 2020

If you went to a correlation site, you may have run over the pink IEGrow LED work area light. This pink work area light promptly pulls in by its rich structure, unique and smooth.



A 6,000 mAh battery, Super AMOLED screen, two dual cameras for just over 100 euros ... this is the renewal of the Samsung mid-range.


What are the best washing machines with tumble dryers of 2020?

Choosing a washing machine with a dryer is not an easy task, as you expect to enjoy its services for many years. If your last acquisition was several years ago or it is your first machine, you would...


Best vacuum cleaners of Bangladesh in 2020

This is a hand-held vacuum with a battery life of 10 minutes for a charge time of 16 hours, but do not trust this charging time, this device can quickly clean the tables, car seats and all other surfa...


What is a Multi-cut up aircon gadget?

When you want to put in an air-con device, it's miles very probable that you will recommend a Mulitisplit air con gadget. This sort of air-con is surely one of the only and entire answers to gain th...


What is an SSL certificate and why your website online wishes it?

Have you ever ever heard of an SSL certificate? You can have already examined some articles and been drowned in torrents of technical facts. I will simply explain what an SSL certificate is and what...


No specific WordPress hosting at Dhaka Colo

Without saying that the unlimited hosting offer is perfectly compatible with WordPress. It is possible to install WordPress in one click from the Dhaka Colo control panel, as well as to perform basic...


Presentation of the host Dhaka colo

Dhaka colo is a web hosting company established since 2017 in Bangladesh. The company wholly owns its infrastructure worldwide and serves more than 60,000 customers. Dhaka colo is made up of an expe...


Dometic Coolfreeze-cdf 3-6: the Best Portable Ice Box

The tendency of having a mobile icebox is rising and maybe not for trend however such as convenience, mobile miniature refrigerators or portable refrigerators are a revolution which allows us to kee...


Braun Electric Shaver - Buying guide, Grades and Tests in 2019

When it comes to fighting facial hair, electric razors are the most suitable devices. But when it comes to choosing one, it's important to focus on selected parameters. This step is necessary if you...


Strategies for cleaning an oven

Like anything that comes in contact with food, the toaster has to be clean. This is very important to prevent the proliferation of germs as well as the undesirable scents and harmful emanations. The b...


Ducted air conditioner's review

Ducted aircon is surely one of the nice alternatives whilst installing a domestic cooling gadget. And even extra, the fine choice for large regions and business premises, where air conditioning is vit...


The 5 Best Camping Refrigerators

If you propose to head tenting or camping it is recommended now not to forget about an electric powered tenting fridge, they maintain liquids and meals sparkling, most camping fridges include a 12V...


The Best Rice Cooker in 2019

Practicality? Instant Pot IP-DUO60 users know what it is. With ultra-compact dimensions, it will be easy to find a small place on your worktop or in your drawers. Being 33 x 32 x 31 cm, it is a rice c...


What is the best cheap washing machine in 2019?

For your lifestyle and comfort, it is undeniable to have a washing machine. More than 94% of French households make use of this mythical appliance, invented in the 18th century. Choose the right model...