Causes And treatment Of Chronic Migraine

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Causes And treatment Of Chronic Migraine

What is migraine?

Migraine is a recurrent throbbing on one side of the head, it is extremely painful and cannot be fixed with over the counter drugs. However, some people say it to be a regular headache that lasts longer but that is not the case. Migraine is different from a regular headache and needs different care, treatment, and medication. If not treated properly, it can lead to hazardous effects on your daily life.

Largely, there are two types of migraine, episodic or chronic. Episodic migraine occurs once in a while and lasts for some hours whereas chronic migraine occurs at regular intervals and last longer. We shall look at the causes, symptoms of chronic migraine treatment, which can help a lot of people who are suffering from this problem.

As a migraine reduces the productivity of a human and affects his or her day to day regular activities, it is important to find a treatment that suits one best for an easy life ahead.

What causes migraine?

It is important to know what is causing the intense headache. So far no specific reason or no solid reason has been found for migraine by the doctors and researchers. However, they tend to suggest some of the following be the causes:

  • Central nervous system disorder: neurological condition might trigger chronic migraines.
  • Chemical imbalances: migraine headaches may occur due to a lessor uneven flow of chemicals that are needed for healthy functioning of the brain.
  • Genetic factors: one has a high chance of having migraines if someone from the family has it.
  • Vascular irregularities: some trouble in the shape, size, or blood flow in vessels to or inside your brain may be one cause of migraines.

Symptoms of chronic migraine.

It is important to look at the symptoms of chronic migraine and see a doctor as soon as possible since delaying the treatment can worsen the situation. These are some basic symptoms faced by people suffering from migraine:

  • Their episodic migraine is occurring frequently.
  • They have moderate to severe pain.
  • They tend to feel throbbing or pulsating behavior on sides of your head.
  • Their daily life is worsening the situation.

    Probable triggers of migraine.

    In contrast, triggers are different from causes, it varies among the people suffering from migraine. Some situation, behavior, memory, etc. can be termed as triggers since this may be the beginning point of migraine. Triggers are different from person to person. What may trigger a migraine in one may not trigger to others. They are generally based on one's lifestyle. Some common triggers that have been noted are-

Certain edibles or drinks.

For some people eating food with spices, acid, or preservatives may trigger migraines.

Stress or anxiety.

Often times a person in stress or anxiety seems to have a migraine.


Hormonal changes tend to trigger migraines. That is why cases of migraine in women are higher due to rapid hormonal changes faced by them during menstruation.


The weather may also trigger migraines. Summers seems to trigger it in some people. Some might be triggered by humidity. It is largely personal.

Chronic migraine treatment

Furthermore, it is most often tough to find the best chronic migraine treatment. Nevertheless, it can be fixed by some limited treatments. In order to get positive results, one must have to seek a better lifestyle since most of the triggers are lifestyle based. It is important to eradicate such triggers by having a healthy and positive lifestyle. One must experience a comfortable and positive aura and a calm environment. Stress and anxiety should be kept at bay by medication and practicing yoga.

Apart from a healthy stress-free lifestyle, it is important to seek a potential healing program to control further episodes of migraine. It is good to keep in mind that chronic migraine can be eased out by seeking professional help. It is recommended to look for the best possible health care center which has schemes like chronic pain healing program, which can assure proper and stable treatment. One of the most effective health recovery centers is The Bridge- Health recovery center. They have an elaborated chronic pain healing program, which covers the process of healing many chronic pains. The provided treatment is affordable, comfortable and efficient.

To conclude, it is important to understand your symptoms and cut possible triggers related to your migraine problem. After discovering these, in no time one should look for the best way to heal themselves. Migraine brings many more difficulties with it, but it should be kept in mind that good days are waiting ahead. It is important to stay alert and aware of your body changes. You must see a doctor at the earliest of the signs, it may be just a headache but prevention is better than cure.