Types Of Weighing Equipment

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Types Of Weighing Equipment

Weighing is important, especially in industrial work. Often times, we don’t emphasize enough on how grandly important it is. Moreover, it plays its role at home, laboratory, bakery, industries, etc. Accuracy of weight is important to have the desired outcome, for instance, a slight change in the measurement of medicine’s composition can do blunders to your health. Similarly, as the industrial demands are growing we need tools that can give accurate weight to ease out the already loaded task. Thus, to perform such heavy duties one must find suitable industrial weighing equipment which can cope up with the demands. To have a precise weight of anything, it’s important to invest your time looking for tools that fulfill all the demands.

However, the hectic life that we are leading limits us to take most of the technical advancement of living in the world. It’s more or less hard to invest our time in looking and finding the best possible weighing machine for industrial purposes. This is because Industrial weighing equipment should be technologically advanced, strong, efficient and value for money and to look for all such quality can be a tedious task. Therefore, to ease out the work a list has been curated by us, which will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to know before deciding the best weighing equipment.

There are six types of industrial weighing equipment listed down with their specifications. These can be found on Stevens Traceability, they have a varied range of equipment for all the production as well as warehouse demands.

1.Vantage range

Steven's provides two equipment in this range, those are vintage 2 and vantage 2.1 terminal. These both come with the networked system, 15 inches touch screen display, stainless steel body, 110/ 240V of power, cat 5/6 Ethernet for good overall connection, rear VESA mount for display. It comes with a protective cover and is good for weighing food and chemical. However, these are available in a range of configurations like, bench scale which is suitable for bulk weighing the weight limit is 30kg × 5g; line control station; mono scale and mono printer scale, this is included with an industrial label printer. These are all fit for weighing food and chemical and comes with a hygienic design.

2.Platform scale

Steven’s Platform scales are made to perform heavy duty task. There are eight different kinds of platform scales, you need to look for what suits you best in this range. The first two are, Mild Steel and stainless Drive-In Platform, these both come with a choice of the external or internal ramp, OIML Approved IP67 R60 Load cell, they have a Height adjustable rubber mounting feet, comes with a maximum capacity of 2000kg. The third and fourth are mild steel and stainless steel drive through they also come with the same configuration as the preceding ones. The fifth one is Mild steel platform approved, this is Heavy duty Trade Approved platform scale it has solid, hard-wearing 5mm durbar top plate, this is available in a range of sizes, capacities and graduations, dormant options, ramp options and multiple size options available. The sixth is Stainless steel platform, manufactured and tested in the UK to the highest quality standards Fully stainless steel construction with IP68 and OIML approved stainless steel load cells, comes with pit mounted or free standing with the option of one or two ramps.


A checkweigher is an automatic weight checking system or a manual machine to check the weight of the packaged commodities. It helps the manufacturers to make sure that the product has the minimum weight legislation. Not only it helps in weight checking but also to maintain accurate batch sizes and ensuring the accurate count of the products. With Stevens In-Line Checkweigher all this becomes really easy. The manufacturer is also able to set product information, provide product-related reports and real-time data along with setting the machine with the specifications in order to meet the requirements of the retailer.


Steven’s provide a wide range of weight indicators to accompany the scale. There are some eleven types of indicators used for in weighing equipment which is provided by Steven’s. These can be used in various ways, these indicators can be portable or can be mounted on the wall. Some of these indicators are 210, 190, Excelsior, junior, IT1, IT3, IT4000E, IT6000E, IT6000ET, IT8000E, IT800ET. All these indicators come with a different configuration like the material, weight, it’s portability, networking, Ethernet interface, etc. The varied configuration helps look for an indicator that can be paired with other equipment as well.

5. Average weight system.

Steven’s provide an Average weight system which is ideal to be used by manufacturers of packaged goods.  It accurately measures the weight and then saves the average of all those products, which is helpful in bulk measurement. The weight system is made up of stainless steel and is strong and waterproof. It helps save time due to its high-end technology, which helps reduce the error count. This again like all of its systems can be integrated with other industrial weighing equipment.

6. Weighing scales. 

There are different weighing scales provided by Stevens. There are around three main types of weighing scale those are pallet truck scale, column scale, and bench scale. These further can be found in many different configuration ranges. The configuration includes color graphics, different weight limits, versatile indicators, body structure, etc.

Steven’s provide different durable equipment for different purposes, these high-end industrial weighing equipment can be integrated with one another to give high duty performance.