CMS Flexibilities in DME Billing to Fight COVID 19

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CMS Flexibilities in DME Billing to Fight COVID 19

Since the Public Health Emergency following the outbreak of COVID 19, the Trump Administration has issued a number of temporary regulatory waivers to equip the American healthcare system with the maximum flexibility.

The primary objectives of these actions are to ensure local health systems the capacity to deal with the surge of COVID 19. Patients over paperwork are the mantra all around and where DMEPOS supplies are concerned with loss, destruction, damage, or rendered unusable otherwise, DME Medicare Contractors now have the flexibility to waive replacement requirements under Medicare.

Supplies will still need to share a narrative description of the claim explaining the reason why the equipment must be replaced and are reminded to maintain documentation indicating the cause. Prior Authorization for certain DMEPOS items have temporarily stopped by CMS.

Payment for DMEPOS items have also been increased as required by section 3712 (a) of the CARES act. Also, CMS will be continuing to adjust fee schedule amounts for items and services furnished in rural and non-contiguous and non-competitive bidding areas.

How a reliable DME billing company can help

With the entire economy slowly resuming its activities, the CMS also expanded the Accelerated and Advance Payment program and have successfully paid over $100 billion to healthcare providers and suppliers. CMS is not going to pursue recovery of these payments until 120 days after the date of a payment issue.

In all probability, you need the able guidance of a quality DME billing company, that understands your requirements and offers comprehensive support. Outsourcing of healthcare RCM or billing will remain in surge especially with staff crunches all across the country, finding a team that can offer the reduction of operational costs instantly.

The biggest advantage in having a streamlined DME billing action plan with a reliable partner is a clear roadmap. Also, hiring a pool of DME billers and coders that are experienced, having an understanding of how the DME competitive landscape is going to shape up is going to be critical.

Flexibility in everyday operational activities

Finding a reliable DME billing company will have an excellent impact especially in the current circumstances. More than anything, it gives a great opening for a supplier to invest in resources that are specialized, understand the claims adjudication mandates and extend functional best practices that transform cash flow. Partnering with a specialized DME billing vendor opens up a plethora of opportunities that reduce billing woes and simultaneously elevate practice management standards.

A lot of companies having pending backlogs with accounts receivable has to do a lot with front end management and heavy lifting activities with eligibility verification, prior authorization, doctor’s office follow up, order entry and confirmation. A streamlined approach in it helps a company to implement checks and balances with a cleaner RCM vision.

To conclude, we can safely say that a versatile DME billing company gives the needed flexibility. It gives a supplier of DMEPOS item an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. It allows a DME supplier the leeway to focus on core responsibilities with patient care especially in these current pandemic times. With the CMS extending multiple waivers and programs to help, it is the right time for you as a provider, to look for a comprehensive partner that can offer viable DME billing solutions.

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