Top 10 iGaming Software Providers & Website Development Companies 2020-21

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Top 10 iGaming Software Providers & Website Development Companies 2020-21

The iGaming industry has become popular because iGaming software providers keep improving the iGaming software, thereby creating highly interactive and user-friendly games. This booming sector offers users a gambling platform for sports betting and online casinos. Other iGaming platforms include virtual gaming and augmented reality games.

In this Article, We are going to look at the Top iGaming Software Providers and Website Development Companies in India.

1. Mobzway Technologies

Mobzway Technologies is currently among the most reliable and effective iGaming software provider and website development companies in India. Its services range from poker, rummy, casino games, sports betting, eight ball pool, card game development, white-label solution, and lastly, the teen patti game.

Games developed by mobzway technologies are fully customized, ready-made, and also come in both 2D and 3D graphics. The company has a support team that works 24/7, and the iGaming software developer provides clients with a secured anti-fraud system.

Mobzway games are available in all the operating systems, including android, windows, and IOS platforms. Their services usually are cost-effective, with a guaranteed return on investment for clients.

2. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys is a highly reliable iGaming software provider. They deal with the development of sport betting apps. The apps range from soccer to cricket apps etc.

Their reputation is known for creating apps that are innovative and operate using the latest technology. Dev Technosys apps work on all mobile operating systems.

3. Visvero Inc

Fully customized white label sports betting apps are Visvero's speciality. Some of the other gaming apps they develop include cricket, rugby, horse racing, soccer, etc.

They offer high-quality service thanks to their well and able team of experienced developers. They are known to create apps such as live scores, social media sharing apps, detailed user profiles, among other vital features.

4. Dream Codesign

DreamCo Design is a developer that has been in the industry for over ten years. They have made a name for themselves when it comes to web development over the years.

Their area of expertise includes data provision, fantasy operations, data providers, regulators, game labs, etc. Their gaming apps are also compatible with both the android and IOS operating systems.

5. Gamma Stack

Gamma Stack is among the top ten iGaming software providers in that they develop useful sport betting apps, contact sports, casino app development to cricket betting apps.

Gamma Stack is also an experienced company with a well-established and dedicated team that is versatile and fully equipped with the latest technologies. Their gaming apps are compatible with both the android and iOS mobile version.

6. Hornet Dynamics

Hornet is the other reliable sports betting software solution in India. It specializes in sports betting, white label solutions, Teen Patti, poker and Live Casino Games.

The gaming developers comprises top-notch developers dedicated to creating a gaming platform that’s more secure and highly reliable with live feeds and one of the best gaming interfaces in the market.

7. Arka Softwares

Arka software is another iGaming Software Solution currently making waves. It offers a high-quality gaming experience by developing quality apps.

The games integrate to have all the features that the dynamic gambling online market requires. Their speciality involves developing sports betting apps where they include a highly experienced team.

8. VerveLogic

VerveLogic is another developer that stands out. They specialize in the iGaming Software development of sports betting apps that are user-friendly and highly secure. Also, their apps work with both the android and IOS operating systems.

The company comprises a developer who works around the clock to be at par with the latest technologies and market trends. They develop cutting edge technology that allows the use of virtual currency and real-time plays and matches with opponents.

9. MobiwebTech

MobiwebTech is among the top ten iGaming Software Providers in India. It is renowned for providing one of the best white label solutions in the online platform.


Some of the apps they develop include poker games, soccer, horse racing, cricket, Teen Patti, online casinos, among other gaming apps. Their aim is usually to establish a secure, user-friendly yet highly functional software for all mobile operating systems.

10 Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution is also a leading contender when it comes to iGaming software development. They develop betting apps for soccer, football, cricket, baseball, among other types of popular bets in the online gambling industry.


The developers in Octal IT solution highly experience and create a secure app that protects user’s transactions, bets, or money won. Lastly, their apps are compatible with both the android and IOS operating systems.


The iGaming software providers are currently numerous in the market; however, our background check has simplified and narrowed down the top ten companies that offer the best software solutions and services in India.