Considered a low-cost web hosting with Amazing Features – Onlive Server

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Considered a low-cost web hosting with Amazing Features – Onlive Server

Adopt The Shared Web Hosting Plans 

Cheap web hosting is widely used by small businesses, blog owners and new websites. It is considered one of the most perfect solutions for those looking to quickly publish their websites with the limited funds they have. If you are also one of those who want to use cheapest web hosting plans for their website and blogs, it is important to contact a reliable and popular hosting service provider.

Benefits of Cheap Web Hosting?

Linux Web hosting is the place where a large number of sites are hosted on a single server. The different websites hosted on the server share the same resources as the server. It is considered one of the cheapest ways for companies to create an online presence without having to spend a lot of money.

The two most common types of hosting services are Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. These are provided as options by most hosting providers. The choice between a Windows and Linux website hosting solution will depend entirely on the type of development platform and the coding language used for the site. Take, for example, if you have a WordPress site then the Linux hosting platform is the best suitable for this site.

Specified Hosting Services

In Linux web hosting, then server is divided into compartments into different accounts for various consumers. Each and every client can manage their own sites, databases, and e-mails separately. However, the costs and resources lower than any other hosting plans. Cheap web hosting or Shared hosting is very affordable is that maintenance and rental costs are equally distributed among all users.

Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

Most hosts and specifically shared hosting providers use the Linux operating system for hosting plans by default.

This means that Linux is currently the market leader. Many people and companies choose a web hosting platform without worrying about technical specifications. Some of the best features of Linux web hosting include up to 30 domain hosting, unlimited disk space, CPanel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited email accounts, SSD servers, unlimited FTP and data center will be USA, France, and Canada. You will receive all these signatures in an economic range at just $5/per month.

Here are some frequently asked questions about hosting Linux websites:

Q. Why should choose the Linux web hosting?

Ans. Choose the Linux web hosting plans because it is free, powerful, and versatile and, above all, supports a large community of users. And available at a very affordable price.

Q. How many domains can host with Linux web hosting?

Ans. It depends on your plan. If you choose our $5 plan, then you can host up to 30 domains and if you choose our $9 plans then you can host up to 100 of domains.

Q. Can I get the free control panel with Linux Web Hosting plan?

Ans. Yes, we will provide you free control panel with each Linux web hosting plans.

Q. How many Email Account can create with this plan?

Ans. You can create unlimited Email Account with each Cheap Web Hosting plan. So, don’t worry about it.

Q. is there any discount on Linux Web Hosting plan?

Ans. No. because of we already providing Linux hosting plans at a very discounted price that is just #2, $5, and $9 with all major benefits.